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Safety Shoes and Work Boots

Safety shoes and work boots have protected workers for over 75 years. At Rogan's Shoes, we understand that a pair of quality work shoes is critical to your safety on the job site. Protection is the ultimate priority when finding the right pair of work shoes, but your footwear should also include arch support, durability, and cushion. We pride ourselves on curating a collection of work boots made with high-quality materials from the top brands in the industry.

Choose Brands That Work As Hard As You Do

Your boots have to stand up to the type of work you perform while protecting you from several hazards. We have curated a selection of work shoes from the most reputable brands, including:

  • Timberland PRO
  • Carolina
  • Skechers Work
  • KEEN
  • Reebok Work
  • Merrell
  • Carhartt

We believe that the tried-and-true brands are trusted for a reason. Our team selects footwear in various styles and colors with a range of safety features. Styles range from conventional boots to casual athletic trainers. All our safety toe boots meet ASTM standards for impact and compression.

Seek the Features Suitable for Your Workplace

Choosing work boots for men and women depends on your specific career and the types of sites you work on. Womens work shoes are often designed specifically for a women’s fit. A good rule of thumb is to find boots that offer comfort and flexibility to avoid aches and pains throughout the day while also receiving optimal protection. Typically, the more protective a pair of shoes, the more rigid the materials.


Anti-fatigue technology insoles are designed for workers standing on their feet all day. Warehouse, construction, mill, and other labor-intensive occupations require workers to stand on hard surfaces for hours. The longer you stand, the more likely your leg muscles will become constricted and limit blood flow. The cushioning in anti-fatigue soles can keep your muscles working to reduce the adverse effects of standing for long periods.

Types of Toe Caps

Steel toe work boots are a standard safety shoe. Steel toes provide the highest degree of protection from punctures or falling objects. Typically, steel toe boots are heavy but can be particularly helpful on construction sites. Remember that steel is metallic and a temperature conductor, so steel toe may not be ideal for job sites with metal concerns or extreme temperatures.
Composite toe work boots are commonly made from carbon fiber, plastic or Kevlar. The composite toe is lighter than steel but thicker, allowing optimal protection. Composite toe shoes do not conduct cold or heat and are an ideal alternative to steel toe work boots.
Alloy toe work shoes use materials such as titanium or aluminum for lighter weight than steel but are still metallic and can conduct heat and cold.

Electrical Hazard

Electrical work requires shoes that are insulating, protecting you from electrically active environments. Electrical hazard boots are typically made with non-conductive materials to eliminate the chances of electric shock in dry environments.

Static Dissipative

ESD or SD work shoes conduct static electricity through the shoes and into the ground to prevent accidental static discharge. Important in many workplaces where static charge can build up, ESD footwear includes special insoles that cannot be replaced or added to. You also want to take care to keep uppers and soles clean for optimal performance in these anti-static shoes.

Waterproof Work Boots

Common materials for waterproof boots include leather, nylon, neoprene, and rubber outsoles. When choosing waterproof footwear, pay attention to waterproof versus water-resistant. Waterproof boots often use a membrane layer designed to keep out water, whereas water-resistant boots are not for submersion.

Function Meets Fashion and Safety

Safety shoes can show off your personal style while remaining functional and safe for the job site. we understand that the workplace is full of hazards and protecting your feet is essential. Rogan's Shoes curates many safety shoes and work boots for different industries to suit multiple needs. Shop our website to find the right shoes for your job!