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At Rogan's Shoes, we know how important it is to find shoes with the right fit, including womens wide width shoes. If your feet are uncomfortable in standard or narrow shoes, you may find it challenging to find a pair of shoes that support you. When you have wide feet, you can still shop for shoes for all occasions, whether for fashion or work. Our mission is to help you find a pair of shoes for every occasion, no matter the size or shape.

Wide Shoes in the Styles You Love

Feet come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many standard sized shoes do not take width into consideration. Those with wide feet may not even know other than that most of their shoes fit uncomfortably. Wide shoes are variations of standard shoes with a wider forefoot and toe box. Sometimes, wide width shoes may also have increased depth because wide feet tend to be taller.
Fortunately, requiring wide width shoes doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a variety of styles. We offer footwear from leading brands, like:

Like their varied brands, wide shoes also come in various styles. Enjoy running shoes that reduce stress and cushion your feet or heeled booties for a night out. We curate our selection from the top brands that pay close attention to the essential details, like breathable material, arch support, and adjustability.
Discover shoes with soft foam footbeds, flexible outsoles, and various upper materials. From thick, waterproof leather for work boots to a breathable mesh for trainers, we have options fit for everyone's tastes.

Wide Width for Proper Fit

Proper footwear should be roomy enough that your foot can spread out and lengthen as you walk. For women with wide feet, wearing shoes that don't fit properly can interrupt balance and stability. Wide shoes offer a stable base, reducing the risk of tripping or falling.
Forcing your feet into narrow shoes can result in chronic pain, discomfort, and poor posture. When you have enough room for your feet to move, you are more likely to reduce the risk of foot pain. Narrow shoes place pressure on your feet and toes, exacerbating neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. When you wear incorrect footwear, you have a higher chance of developing bunions, ingrown nails, hammer toes or other foot issues.
Ladies wide width shoes are preferable to increasing the size of the shoe. While sizing up in your shoes may offer a temporary solution, and the shoes may feel wider, the extra space in the heel and toe box can cause problems, such as blisters or disrupt your gait with the incorrect arch placement.

High-Quality Footwear You Can Count On

Wide width shoes are essential for those who do not have narrower feet. When seeking the ideal pair of shoes, wearers should take both length and width into consideration. We have an extensive collection of wide width shoes without a high cost. Our styles include running shoes, walking shoes, safety shoes, casual shoes and more. With Rogan's Shoes, you have access to a wide array of womens wide width shoes, bound to fit all of your needs. For customers who spend $49.99 and up, we offer free shipping. If you spend less than that, our flat shipping rate is only $5. Check out our selection of shoes today!