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Since 2003, KEEN footwear has been making some of the best sporty hikers, work shoes and sandals in the world. KEEN believes in sustainability and durability without sacrificing comfort and utility, and it's willing to put in the work needed to make better shoes and accessories for both the wearer and the world. 


KEEN doesn't think quality footwear should come at the cost of our world ecosystems. Some of the brand's core values include originality, community, human rights and environmental sustainability. With that in mind, many materials in KEEN sandals and shoes are sourced from renewable sources and recycled materials. KEEN regularly checks to make sure that working conditions at their manufacturing plants are fair and safe since no shoe is worth a human life. 


Hoping to keep more shoes out of the trash, KEEN shoes, sandals and boots are designed to last. They're made with high-quality materials and designed to hold up against water, abrasions, energetic play, rugged trails and casual wear. With durable soles and adjustable uppers, KEEN footwear is meant to always be that perfect pair of shoes to slip on and go. 


No shoe can truly be great unless it's comfortable. Every pair of KEEN boots, sandals and shoes is rigorously tested to ensure the soles are supportive, the uppers don't pinch and the straps can be adjusted to fit right where you want them. The first KEEN footwear was built around an ergonomically curved footbed, and while the KEEN styles have seen many changes over the years, that commitment to comfort and support has always remained one of the most important features of the brand. 


KEEN shoes for women, men and children are meant to be stylish enough for most casual events and comfy enough so that you’ll even wear them when they don't match your outfit. Simple safety features are integrated into KEEN footwear. Dependable designs and materials will allow you to try new adventures without worrying about a broken strap or buckle. Whether you're heading out on a mountain expedition or settling into your backyard hammock, KEEN’s have just the right amount of protection and comfort to fit right in. 

KEEN Lifestyle

Everyone balances a lot in life, from work to play and giving back. KEEN wants you to take the time to breathe and get outside to experience nature and real life for yourself. KEEN gear, from footwear to socks and accessories, gives you the energy and comfort to do the things you need to do and enjoy the things you love. You might not always require the support of tough KEEN hiking boots, and sometimes you’ll want more support than lightweight KEEN flip flops, but no matter where life takes you, KEEN equips you with the durability and comfort you deserve. 

Getting great shoes for your next adventure doesn't have to come at the cost of flimsy materials or non-renewable resources. KEEN footwear makes it possible to step out in confidence while making a difference for the planet. When you have comfy, sustainable footwear, getting outside and enjoying community fun is even more rewarding. 

Unmatched Comfort Starts with the Patented Toe Box

One of the most defining features of Keen shoes is the patented wider toe box. This design allows your toes to spread naturally, promoting better stability and balance while minimizing the risk of irritation or cramping. This commitment to comfort is evident in all Keen shoes, from their hiking boots and sandals to their water shoes and sneakers.

Built to Last: Durability You Can Rely On

Keen shoes are renowned for their exceptional durability. Whether you're traversing rough terrain or facing unpredictable weather, Keen shoes are built to withstand the elements and keep your feet protected and supported. This is achieved through the use of high-quality materials, such as waterproof leather, abrasion-resistant synthetic uppers, and durable rubber outsoles.

Versatility for Every Adventure

Keen offers a wide range of shoes designed to meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Hiking boots: Conquer any trail with confidence, thanks to Keen's supportive hiking boots featuring innovative technologies like Keen.DRY waterproof membranes and KEEN.ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsoles for exceptional traction.

  • Sandals: Experience unparalleled comfort and freedom while exploring the outdoors with Keen's iconic sandals. Keen sandals offer the perfect blend of foot protection, breathability, and secure fit, making them ideal for anything from leisurely strolls to adventurous hikes.

  • Water shoes: Dive into your next aquatic adventure with complete confidence with Keen's water shoes. These versatile shoes are waterproof, quick-drying, and provide excellent traction on wet surfaces, making them perfect for kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply enjoying a day at the beach.

  • Sneakers: Conquer your daily challenges with stylish, comfortable Keen sneakers built to last. Keen sneakers offer unwavering support and cushioning, making them ideal for everything from your morning commute to exploring your local city streets.

Eco-Conscious Commitment: Stepping Towards Sustainability

Keen is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The brand is constantly innovating to reduce its environmental footprint and offer eco-conscious options for consumers. This includes using recycled materials, implementing sustainable manufacturing processes, and partnering with organizations dedicated to environmental protection. Huge selection available at Rogan’s Shoes.