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When it comes to athletic shoes, there are Mizunos and there's everything else. Mizuno shoes have been at the forefront of the sports shoe market for decades, building better shoes that produce results. If you're ready to take your endeavors to the next level, try a pair of Mizuno sneakers and hang on for the ride.

The Power of Mizuno Shoes

The technology that underlies every pair of Mizunos goes back more than 100 years, all the way to 1906, in fact, when the company was founded in Japan. In addition to shoes, the company makes apparel and equipment for a variety of sports including baseball, golf, tennis, running and cycling. The brand has always been associated with innovation and excellence.

In the 1980s the company developed its first shoes with "wave plate" technology. This involves a midsole plate that absorbs impact while delivering energy return. Revolutionary at the time, it is now standard on many models, such as:

  • Mizuno Wave Rider
  • Mizuno Wave Sky
  • Mizuno Wave Luminous
  • Mizuno Wave Horizon
  • Mizuno Wave Inspire

No matter which Mizuno shoes you choose, you will get the powerful performance that only highly engineered athletic shoes can deliver.

The Mizuno Fit

Is it difficult to find sports shoes that fit your feet well? Mizuno may be the answer to your problem. Both Mizuno volleyball shoes and Mizuno running shoes have features that lock in fit, even with feet that have the following issues:

  • 1. High arches. If your feet have high arches, you likely know the pain of them collapsing when there isn't enough support inside the shoe. Mizunos are generous with insole cushioning and support high arches well.
  • 2. Narrow width. Many athletic shoe brands tend to run wide. This is a problem for anyone with a foot more narrow than average. Mizuno running shoes, in particular, are more sleek and trim and can accommodate the narrow foot nicely.
  • 3. Stability. You can take every step safely and securely thanks to the Mizuno heel cup. A little higher and firmer than other brands, it provides extra stability for ankles and arches.

Mizuno Features

So what, exactly, do you get with a pair of Mizuno shoes? First and foremost you get a high-quality shoe that represents the best in craftsmanship. Mizunos are known for lasting a long time due to their durable materials.

You also get responsive athletic shoes that offer unparalleled cushioning and support. From Mizuno cleats to Mizuno volleyball shoes, you will find the comfort of the brand's proprietary foam insoles. Each has been designed to offer you maximum protection from impacts.

And let's not discount style. It may not seem as important as performance, but Mizuno shoes simply look great. Each model uses the latest in materials and designs for shoes that are modern and forward-looking. There's no reason for you to look frumpy or old-fashioned when you're headed to the track.

Mizuno at Rogan's Shoes

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