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Rocket Dog shoes are meant to be as diverse as the California landscape. They encompass endless arrays of styles, from casual-chic to rugged and adventurous. At Rogan’s Shoes, we understand the importance of finding comfortable shoes that allow you to express your personal style.

A new pair of shoes should give you extra confidence while maintaining comfort. Rocket Dog is a brand that wants you to express yourself without compromising how your shoes feel. When we select brands for Rogan’s Shoes, we are careful to pick brands like Rocket Dog that have a reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction.

Giving Rocket Dog Shoes a Chance

Rocket Dog hit the scene in 1997 and has remained true to their mission since the beginning. They wanted to provide trendy, comfortable shoes that represented California. Men and women of California are known for taking part of various hobbies, from surfing to hiking. Our selection of Rocket Dog shoes embodies the fashion of California, from outdoorsy, rugged boots to wedge sandals perfect for a day lounging by the pool. Some of our styles include:

We offer various styles because we know that everyone has their own distinct fashion sense. Likewise, different styles serve different purposes in our lives. Find shoes suitable for running errands or boots that are perfect for a holiday party.

Dressing for Function and Practicality

As you browse our selection of Rocket Dog shoes, you'll find numerous styles with different support and comfort elements. For example, many of our Rocket Dog casual sneakers have lightweight cotton uppers to keep your feet cool, with soles that provide the traction you need.

Some shoes feature memory foam insoles to rebalance your weight and distribute it across your feet to reduce pain from problematic pressure points. If you're on your feet all day, the comfort of your shoes can make or break how you feel later. When you don't have enough support or cushion in your footwear, it can lead to fatigue along with muscle aches and pains.

If you're in the market for a new pair of boots, most of Rocket Dog's women's boots are made with durable faux leather that creates structure around your foot while maintaining flexibility. While most boots have a breathable lining, they also help protect against damp weather to keep your feet dry.

Merging Comfort With the Latest Trends

Rocket Dog pays attention to global trends but doesn't just mimic them. Instead, they keep their finger on the pulse of what's in fashion and they put their unique spin on every new style. They inject color and patterns to create shoes that are eye-catching and fashionable. Pair a lightweight, casual sneaker with a sundress for a California boardwalk look or tuck your leggings into a stylish pair of ankle boots to complete your fall outfit.

Our selection of Rocket Dog shoes represents the diversity of our customer base. We have shoes suitable for every person, whether they like contemporary fashion or retro fits. When you're looking for comfortable, casual footwear, Rogan’s Shoes has you covered. If you are confident, unique and in control of your fashion sense, shop our selection of Rocket Dog footwear! Free shipping on orders of $49.99 and over to the lower 48 states.