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Mens Skate Shoes

Are you looking for a new pair of mens skate shoes that appeal to your taste and provide the grip and protection you need on your skateboard? At Rogan's Shoes, we maintain a varied collection of impressive brands that pay close attention to details, including breathability, design, durability and fit. Our skate shoes will keep you stable and comfortable as you show off your latest tricks.

Men's Skate Shoes From the Brands You Know

With so many high-quality skater shoes on the market, we know the importance of having a diverse selection for our customers. We look to the most well-known and respected brands for shoes that our customers will appreciate. Every brand has its style and features to bring to the table. Some of the top industry brands include:

  • DC Shoes
  • Etnies
  • Adidas
  • Nike SB
  • Globe

Different brands may specialize in different materials, such as leather, canvas, or textile uppers, and various performance technologies designed by each brand.

Critical Details for Ideal Performance

What makes skateboarding shoes different from casual trainers? Shoes designed for skateboarders give skaters more control over their boards. Thick soles make it more challenging to perform the tricks you've mastered. You should be able to feel your board beneath a good pair of skate sneakers. In addition to maximum board feel, the soles need to withstand impact.

Skater shoe soles are designed to have a flat, low profile. Generally, skaters prefer durable rubber soles with a pattern that encourages grip. For instance, waffle patterns have a reputation for providing maximum grip to the board.

Options for soles include vulcanized, or vulc, and cupsole designs. Vulcanized soles are achieved in manufacturing when the outsole is heated to attach to the shoe's upper. Vulcanized shoes are flexible and offer more boardfeel. Cupsole shoes, on the other hand, have a single rubber outsole and offer durability, support and shock absorption for hard landings.

Skateboarders understand the importance of a durable shoe that won't break down quickly. Features that skaters should look for include heel protection, such as EVA foam barriers or airbag heels and protective toe caps — a rubber strip that protects areas more prone to wear and tear. Sometimes shoes will feature toe caps externally and others will have the toe caps beneath the uppers.

Skate Shoes in the Styles You Love

Choose the style that suits your personality and the construction that fits your board style. Common skater styles include slip-on, lowtop, mid top and hi top skate shoes. Low top shoes are for skaters prioritizing mobility and flexibility above any other feature.Midtop, on the other hand, offers moderate ankle support while retaining some flexibility and freedom. A high top skate shoe has a high collar that provides substantial ankle support. Tricksters who practice high-impact stunts are more likely to need hightops.

In addition to performance, we understand that our customers want shoes that look good too. Our skateboarding shoes come in various styles, colors and material options. From the classic, lightweight canvas options to the durable, abrasion-resistant leather options and everything in between. Textile options tend to have more design elements while protecting the areas that may see the most damage.

Ready to get on board with our carefully curated selection of men's skate shoes? At Rogan's Shoes, you will always be able to find a pair of shoes that meets your needs in function, style and durability. Browse our selection to find a new pair today!