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In 2002, a little business in Colorado began making unusual clogs. Crocs shoes were initially designed as boating shoes, but they quickly became popular as casual shoes for any activity, particularly gardening, fishing, and walking. Made of lightweight foam with an easy slip-on design, Crocs shoes are ideal for folks of any age or gender. Today, millions of people enjoy Crocs sandals and shoes.

Crocs Shoes: So Many Options

Crocs shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The classic clog remains a popular choice. Each shoe is designed with perforations and a heel strap to ensure feet are comfortable and secure. In most styles, the heel strap can be flipped up from “sport mode” to create a versatile backless clog style. In addition to Crocs clogs, the brand also offers a variety of Crocs sandals and cozy fuzzy Crocs that many people wear as slippers. Crocs regularly partners with popular brands, such as movies, TV, or sports teams, to create fun colors and themes. Kids Crocs are particularly bright and fun, perfect for little feet.

Unique Features

Crocs shoes are made from Croslite, a foam material that is lightweight, flexible, and odorless. Most Crocs are made of one piece of molded foam with a moveable heel strap. Crocs shoes can vary, but when you buy any footwear from the Crocs lineup, you can expect most of these features.

  • Non-marking soles: These shoes never leave scuff marks on wooden or tiled floors.
  • Lightweight: Croslite foam floats easily and never weighs you down.
  • Custom fit: Crocs shoes come in a standard size and shape, but the foam softens slightly with warmth, slowly conforming to the shape of the feet inside them to create a perfect custom fit.
  • Energy return: Croslite foam has a cushiony closed-cell structure that gives the soles a little extra bounce, making them a perfect choice for folks on their feet for many hours of the day.
  • Color options: Crocs shoes come in a variety of colors, and some have interchangeable straps, giving wearers many customization options.
  • Jibbitz: Crocs can also be customized with Jibbitz, little buttons that fit neatly into the perforations. These come in nearly any shape imaginable, offering endless color and theme options for enthusiastic wearers.

No matter what the shape of the shoe, Crocs footwear is designed to be easy to slip into and always comfortable.


Some folks call Crocs ugly shoes, but that very moniker gives wearers the freedom to be playful. Crocs have many practical features, such as lightness, structure, and the ability to float in water. Along with an affordable price, these features ensure that Crocs will remain popular despite any aspersions. Try a few different styles to see what works best for you.

  • Classic Crocs. You can't go wrong with the classic clog style that made this brand popular. Fitted with perforations, molding soles and a moveable heel strap for security, this slip-on style is perfect for folks of any age or gender.
  • Crocs Sandals. Crocs for men, women and children now feature open toes and extra ventilation. Crocs sandals come in bright colors and styles but remain lightweight and easy to put on. 
  • Crocs at Work. Take the Crocs comfort to work with this line featuring closed uppers and non-slip outsoles designed to be slip resistant.
  • Crocs Height. Feeling playful? Add a little extra height—or a lot—with the wedge heels and chunky platform soles of Crocs Crush styles.

Crocs for Everyone

You don't have to go to a Crocs store to get fun footwear. Rogan's Shoes stocks comfortable Crocs for men, women and kids and offers convenient pickup in stores for the whole family. Try these ultra-comfy fun shoes for your next casual day.