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Birkenstock traces its origins to 1775 when a cobbler of the same name began crafting shoes in Germany. Since then, shoes by this brand have seen many improvements, from flexible insoles to lightweight cork latex soles. Birkenstock sandals have become synonymous with comfortable summer style and are known to last. The brand's top sellers are sandals, but Birkenstock clogs and boots make it possible to wear Birkenstocks all year around.

Unique Features

Birkenstock footwear is intelligently designed to ensure you keep coming back. Each pair of shoes has the durability to support you for years. While clogs and sandals have different features, all Birkenstock footwear is based on a quality footbed and durable materials.

  • Birkenstock became famous for its cork latex footbeds, which are made of layers of stabilizing jute, shock-absorbing cork, flexible latex and suede lining. Some models have an extra layer of foam for increased comfort, but all Birkenstock footbeds are made with precise contouring for optimal support.
  • Each piece of the upper part of Birkenstock footwear is carefully selected for durability and style. From fuzzy suede to textured nubuck and Birkenstock's patented synthetic materials, the straps and toe caps are always built to provide maximum satisfaction.
  • Even the best materials don't do much good without expert craftsmanship. Birkenstock employs brilliant designers and shoe artists. Each style is made with attention to detail. When you get a pair of Birkenstocks, you can count on centuries of experience and skill to provide an experience that surpasses expectations.
  • Good shoes shouldn't come at the cost of the planet. That is why Birkenstock carefully selects its manufacturing methods to reduce the burden on underprivileged people and the environment. Each partner in the manufacturing process is held to a high European standard of ethics to ensure social justice and environmental friendliness are always maintained.

Birkenstock works hard to create footwear that customers will want to keep forever. It starts with quality materials and completes the manufacturing process with excellent construction.

Health Benefits

Bone and joint experts agree that the right shoes can make a big difference for your overall health. Supportive soles, like those in Birkenstock shoes, help align your feet and ankles, which results in better knee and hip positions and better overall posture. This helps increase circulation, which keeps your heart and whole body healthier. The right shock-absorption, such as what you get from sturdy cork latex footbeds, helps reduce wear and tear on joints as well. Birkenstock's unique footbeds conform to your foot, increasing comfort and helping reduce stress on the parts of your foot that might chafe in other sandals. The right shoes can help prevent common foot problems and reduce the impacts of those that already exist, so it makes sense to upgrade your footwear right away.

High Quality

Trusting your feet to Birkenstock sandals gives you the power to keep your feet comfy all day. From contoured footbeds to lightweight flexible soles, Birkenstock footwear cradles your feet to help you get up and go or sit back and relax when you need to. Choose from athletic sandals, casual footwear and convenient slip-ons. Get the right womens and mens Birkenstock sandals, and don't forget to get your kids feeling right in comfy slip-ons as well. The best Birkenstock footwear is at Rogan's Shoes.