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What comes to mind when you think about womens work shoes? You probably pictured steel-toe boots or safety footwear with slip-resistant outsoles. Fortunately, features like these aren’t limited to boots. Rogan’s Shoes offers high-quality safety shoes in an extensive range of styles. Check out our selection of womens work Oxford shoes sourced from reputable brands known for stellar on-the-job performance: Genuine Grip, KEEN, Carolina, Georgia Boot, and many more. 

Steel and Composite Toe Shoes

Can comfortable work shoes for women also provide dependable protection? Absolutely! Our steel toe shoes for women include stylish work Oxfords in both slip-on and lace-up varieties. As the original type of safety toe, steel toe caps deliver impact and compression protection to prevent serious injuries. Safety toes must meet strict standards such as ASTM F2413 I75/C75: They must withstand impacts of up to 75 foot-pounds and 2,500 pounds of compression force without cracking or breaking. 

As you shop our selection of work Oxfords, you’ll also notice composite toe shoes for women. Unlike steel toe caps, composite toe caps usually contain carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Kevlar. As a result, composite toe caps are lightweight while providing both impact and compression resistance. Composite toe shoes must meet the same standards as steel toe models.

Electrical Hazard Protection

The best work shoes for women include many other protective features. Our women’s work Oxfords include both Electrical Hazard and Electrostatic Dissipative styles. While they sound somewhat alike, each term refers to a different kind of protection. 

EH footwear provides grounding to safeguard wearers from electric shock from sources such as downed wires, exposed circuits, faulty connections, or damaged cords. An EH-rated shoe includes non-conductive materials to achieve this goal. By comparison, ESD footwear mitigates static electricity build-up, preventing the wearer from accidental electrostatic discharge that could damage electrical equipment or generate sparks and cause fires. 

Slip-Resistant Footwear

Slip resistant work shoes for women come in many different formats, including the stylish and comfortable Oxfords in our inventory. Most work Oxfords for women incorporate non-slip outsoles for reliable traction on wet and oily surfaces. Some are oil- and slip-resistant, while others are heat-resistant and/or chemical-resistant as well. Those made from non-marking rubber do not leave scuffs or marks on vinyl, linoleum, and similar types of floors.

When choosing safety footwear, it’s important to review each product's details. Slip-resistant outsoles typically comply with Mark II, SATRA, ASTM 3445-21, and/or ASTM F2413 standards. Those with heat-resistant outsoles must usually meet ASTM F2413 requirements and be capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 seconds. At Rogan’s Shoes, we list these and other safety footwear specifications in our product descriptions. This information should help you choose styles that provide the protection you need on the job. 

Your Source for Women’s Safety Shoes

Let Rogan’s Shoes get you equipped for any tough tasks at work. Besides womens work Oxford shoes, we also carry thousands of safety shoe and boot varieties for construction, factory, restaurant, healthcare, farm, ranch, and other work environments calling for critical protection. Of course, we’re not just a footwear superstore because of our huge inventory. Our Satisfaction Guarantee includes secure online shopping, world-class customer service, an easy returns process, a Low Price Guarantee and Free shipping on orders of $49.99 and over to the continental United States.