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Keen Utility Boots & Shoes

Keen Utility is one of the top brands for men and women who want a workboot that lasts. The brand began by making sporty sandals and comfy hiking boots. Keen workboots followed a few years later. The soles take advantage of all the comfort features found in hiking footwear and add more support to help you get through your workday. Keen women steel toe workboots are especially prized for their safety features and all-day comfort. 

About Keen

The Keen brand began as an effort to create shoes and sandals that people wouldn't want to throw away. Community and environmental consciousness are both really important to this brand. Keen is committed to using sustainable sources, paying fair wages to everyone involved in manufacturing and distributing its products, and getting more people outside.  

Keen's first bestseller, the Newport Sandal, was invented in 1999, and production began in 2003. Since then, the brand's commitment to quality has helped rocket its footwear into stores everywhere, making Keen sandals a top contender for the most popular camping and outdoor sandals in the United States. Keen Utility boots appeared a few years later, and now hold a top spot in their category. 

Special Features

Keen Utility boots weren't the Keen’s first big idea, but they've become industry favorites. While each boot is unique, they all have these essential workboot features. 

Flexibility. When you're in a work environment, you need to be able to move your feet easily. Keen workboots are built with the right balance of safety and flexibility to keep your workday unrestricted. 

Energy Return. Keen ReGEN midsoles are designed with some of the best energy return features in the industry. Take advantage of the latest rebound technology to reduce leg and foot fatigue - even on concrete surfaces. 

Support. Workboots should be comfortable as well as safe, which is why even Keen steel toe boots are infused with contouring and support. This structure keeps your feet aligned, making it easier to stand tall through any workday. 

Durability. All work boots should stand up to abrasion and impact, but Keen utility boots are also specifically built to last. With Keen footwear, you can go through grit and grime yet still have reliable boots for tomorrow. 

Each workboot in the Keen lineup has a particular mix of features, but they all focus on ensuring your feet are safe and comfy while maintaining the brand's commitment to keeping shoes out of the trash. 

Work Boots You Can Count On

Keen Utility Work Shoes and Boots are designed to be the first thing you reach for if you anticipate being on your feet for more than a few hours. Most are designed with a specific industry in mind. Look for high-rebound work shoes with added support if you anticipate standing on concrete or hard surfaces all day. If you know there's a high chance of things falling on your toes, grab a pair of steel toe workboots with extra protection and puncture resistance. If your job takes you to wet, oily or electrically-charged areas, there's a workboot for that. Just check for the safety rating and get some boots that will keep your feet as protected as possible. No matter which Keen footwear you choose, you can count on flexibility, energy return, support and durability, all with an environmentally friendly background.