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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Znode Multifront?
Znode Multifront is an advanced Multifront Platform that developers can use to build world class ecommerce solutions. Znode Multifront is used successfully by thousands of businesses and large enterprises including, Wawa, Novell, Lojack, POP, Ohio State University, Riverside Hospitals, Stauf's, Drewshoe Corp and more.

Why should I select Znode Multifront over other platforms?
Znode Multifront is the industry leader in the ecommerce software platform space. If your e-commerce business is mission-critical then you should strongly consider WebApp. Click here for the top 10 benefits of Znode Multifront

Is Source Code Included?
ASP.NET/ C# source code is included in all editions.

Is Znode Multifront PCI/PABP compliant?
Yes. All versions including v5.1 and above are PABP certified and are hence PCI compliant.

What are the system requirements for Znode Multifront?
Znode Multifront can be installed on Windows 2008, 2003, XP or Vista (SP1). It requires IIS 7.0/6.0, .NET framework 2.0 and SQL Server 2005/2008.

Can Znode Multifront be customized?
Yes. Znode Multifront includes 100% customizable ASP.NET 2.0 source code and C# libraries. You can extend the default behavior of the Multifront using your own custom classes and libraries. The base library for the Znode Multifront framework is a protected library and is available only in compiled form. This library only includes licensing and some utility functions. How does Znode Multifront compare to other Multifronts such as Microsoft Commerce Server? Znode Multifront has been architected from the ground up using industry standard best practices. "Usability" is a core strategy behind Znode Multifront's unique design. This makes Znode Multifront extremely easy to use and customize. This is where all other competing products fall short. Znode also focuses on Multifront features that are driven by customer needs. Can Znode Multifront be used for enterprise class Multifronts? Znode features an enterprise edition that is suitable for large mission critical Multifronts. Znode Multifront is currently used by large Multifronts with over 50,000 SKUs, load balanced servers, etc. Znode has been built from the ground up to be scalable for very high traffic and performance. Znode Multifront Enterprise Edition can run on multiple load balanced and clustered server environments.

Can Znode Multifront be used in a Web Farm?
Yes. Znode Multifront Enterprise Edition can be load balanced across Web Farms (with sticky sessions enabled). All customer data is stored in SQL Server with only configuration data being stored on the web servers, hence no file replication is required on the web servers themselves.

Do you have user documentation?
Yes. Znode Multifront includes comprehensive documentation for developers, system administrators, store managers and more. You can access the online support at

Is Znode Multifront Search Engine (SEO) friendly?
Yes. Znode Multifront includes a web based administration screen to add SEO meta tags to all product and category pages in the Multifront. Znode also generates SEO friendly product URLs without parameters.

Can I try Znode before I buy?
You can try a live demo version of Znode Multifront at You can download a trial version by going to You can also request us to do a live phone walkthrough with you using WebEx. Click here to contact us

Can I use SQL Express database?
Yes. Znode Multifront is compatible with all version of SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

Which payment gateways do you support?
Znode Multifront currently supports, Verisign Payflow Pro, PSI Gate, Nova, Paymentech Orbital, CardStream, PayPal and Google Checkout. The payment gateway component is offered as a library and can be easily customized to connect to any gateways not on this list.

What is the upgrade policy?
If you purchase the Annual Maintenance Contract, you can get all major and minor version upgrades for free during the term of the contract.

Which hosting service do you recommend?
Znode Multifront can be hosted at any hosting provider that supports .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005/2008. Note that Full Trust is required for Znode Multifront assemblies. For dedicated hosting we recommend Rackspace.

What is your return/ refund policy?
All sales are final. Neither you nor your customers may return products to Znode or receive a refund for products.

What support options do you offer?
Free email support is offered to all customers for 30 days after purchase. After that period you can purchase email or phone support on a per incident basis. If you purchase our Annual Maintenance Agreement, you will also get additional 5 email incidents that can be used anytime during the term of the contract.