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Making sure your kids have the right kicks on their feet is more important than you can imagine. You must consider more than just the style they like and the impact on your wallet. Getting the right fit is also critical to support your child's feet with the right shoes. Just like getting them eyeglasses when they need to see clearer, take a few recommendations from the pros when shopping this selection of shoes. That ensures they will enjoy their new kicks and want to wear them. 


Kids do best in footwear that is breathable, whether leather, mesh, canvas or other materials. While you want them to be flexible on the upper, you should also make sure that the heel offers plenty of cushion and support. Look for roomy toe boxes as well. These tips can help you find a pair of shoes that fit firmly enough to provide support for any activities your child wants to get into, but that doesn't pinch their feet and prevent them from growing properly. 

Once you pick out the proper materials and shape, get your kids measured before buying them shoes, so you know what size to look for. Then, look for shoes that have the right:

  • Width – including wide width if needed
  • Instep – some need more room on top of the feet
  • Flex point – size for the right arch length for best fit

Foot Health

While the price is not always a reflection of the quality of the shoe, you should not expect to find high-quality shoes for your child at a bargain price. Even though they might outgrow them quicker, spending a little more on higher-quality shoes can help your child's feet develop properly.

Used shoes might help you save money but will not offer the proper support their feet need. Even reusing shoes for younger siblings is not recommended. The only time it is okay to have hand-me-down shoes is for special occasion items that your children don't wear very often. 


When your child is a baby, shoes start as merely a fashion statement and are not necessary. Once they start walking, you'll need to look into getting them flexible toddler shoes. Shoes for younger children should be lightweight to let them walk further with ease. When they hit about six years old, you'll want to make sure that they have proper athletic shoes and a wide variety of options in their closet. 

When they start getting into sports, make sure to get them sport-specific models. Also, try to minimizetheir use of backless shoes, heels, and flip-flops until they are older to ensure they are receiving enough support. 

Get What You Need at Rogan's Shoes

Rogan's Shoes offers plenty of fun options for young shoppers at an affordable price. Since all of the prices are parent-friendly, feel free to let your kids shop around and browse the extensive collection of styles. Whether they're looking for glittery sneakers or sleek dress shoes, they will find something they like. They will have fun browsing the website and shoe shopping won't seem like a chore. 

Rogan's Shoes has plenty of brands, colors, materials, and patterns that girls can choose from to put the perfect touch on their outfits. They can find everything from trendy sneakers to cute heels and fun flip-flops. Boys can find something durable yet stylish that will last during their playtime. Kids boots are essential once the wet and cold weather hits. All of the options you find are high-quality and will last. You can also find sport-specific shoes for boys and girls, including basketball, skate, soccer, football, baseball, and wrestling shoes.