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Feet come in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, many standard sizes do not account for those with wide feet. For men with wider than average feet, there are mens wide width shoes available. Whether you know that you need wider shoes or if you find narrow shoes to be uncomfortable, there are options available in all styles. At Rogan's Shoes, we stock an array of wide width footwear.

Finding Practical Shoes That Fit Perfectly

Our selection of wide width shoes includes all the features of comfortable, supportive footwear. Many of our top brands have foam insoles for padded cushion and structured support that contours to the shape of your foot.
Dress shoes, athletic shoes, and work boots are only a few style options we've curated. Seek out practical shoes in different styles, including oxfords, loafers, safety toes, and more. 
In addition to style, we only trust brands that utilize high-quality materials and put their client's comfort and style first. Some trusted brands we stock with wide width men's shoes include:

Wide size shoes for men should feel good on your feet.

Choosing Wide Width Shoes for Men

Different brands and styles may use other sizing systems to describe the width of their footwear. For instance, some brands may use a letter system. If you are looking for wide shoes for men, you should seek out sizes accompanied by E. E widths are wide for men and you can determine how wide by the number of Es present. For example, a 2E is wide, whereas a 4E is extra wide. Typically, you will have a 1/8-inch difference between one width and the next. Other brands may simply differentiate their shoes by labeling them wide (or W) and extra wide (or EW, XW, WW).
At Rogan's Shoes, we believe that all people should be able to find a pair of shoes that fits them and fits them well. Going up a size for wide feet doesn't solve the problem and instead creates new problems. While your feet may have more room, your heel and toes may have too much length, resulting in blisters and an unstable gait due to incorrect arch fit. To determine if you need wide shoes, consider what your footwear feels like directly off the rack. If average shoes are too tight, uncomfortable or require excessive break in time, they may be too narrow. Keep in mind that as we age, our feet can also become wider.

Seek Comfort and Style With Wide Shoes for Men

At Rogan's Shoes, we believe everyone should be able to wear their shoes for hours on end without worrying about friction or discomfort. Wider width shoes come in various styles, including styles for the gym and styles for the office. With our shoes, you never have to compromise style for comfort or vice versa.
If you are looking for a pair of shoes with a wider width than medium, then Rogan's Shoes is for you. Many of the brands available come in wide, extra-wide and extra-extra wide. When you choose us, you can access shoes with the latest technologies, regardless of the width of your feet. Find shoes that fit comfortably while still looking great. Shop for your new men's wide width shoes today!