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Womens Running Shoes

At Rogan's Shoes, we know that finding a great pair of womens running shoes is crucial for nailing those new distance goals and target times. When it comes to buying the right shoe, not only do you want a great fit, but you need your footwear to provide all the durability, arch support, cushion, and grip you'd expect from a pair of premium running shoes! We know that you're looking for the best of the best, and our selection has been carefully curated to provide you with top-quality gear that will help you to move faster and run longer in all the comfort you deserve.

Running Shoes from Brands You Know and Trust

Whether you're looking for minimalist shoes or a new pair with all the enhancement tech available today, we've got the footwear that is perfect for your stride. We carry products from all the leading brands, such as:

We choose to offer brands from these top designers for many reasons. First of all, these brands are known for their careful consideration of all the important details, from how the heel, toe box, and stack height embrace the foot to the way the foot shape (many individuals who have a narrower heel, high arch, or flat feet) affects every single mile you run. 

It's this attention to detail and commitment to quality that we find impressive, and we are always committed to bringing you the very best footwear available. 

Technology, Design, and Performance

Running shoes are truly in a unique class of their own, and they have different qualities than cross-training or other womens athletic shoes. They are made to be exceptionally lightweight and flexible and to offer as much cushion and support as possible. They have also been specially engineered to enhance speed and stability so that when race day comes around, you are totally prepared to crush the pavement. If you're looking for other types of sports shoes, such as training shoes, trail running shoes, neutral runner shoesstability shoesguidance shoes, and motion control shoes, we've got those too!

Running shoes are built to absorb the impact of the runner's stride while traveling over a variety of different surface types. Runners who prefer trail running shoes want a pair of rugged shoes that are built to handle uneven surfaces and unpredictable terrain while providing lots of cushion and stability. If you prefer to run on pavement, you'll want shoes that are made especially for that purpose – shoes that boost speed and offer maximum shock absorption and cushioning. No matter where you love to run, we've got amazing shoes that will enhance and help to improve your technique.


Amazing Style, Amazing Good Looks

Alongside form and function, we know that our customers also want footwear that looks good. Within our selection, you can choose from running shoes that are available in many color combinations and styles and that offer the flexibility and technology you require. We have footwear that is sleek and modern, some that are a bit more retro, and everything in between. Because there's nothing better than finding a running shoe that has all the features you want while still looking great on the foot.


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