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Action sports can be a big deal for you. When that's the case, you need skate shoes that feature innovative designs tailored for what you do. Started by a group of skateboarders, Etnies designs footwear with a team of pro riders all while keeping the environment, style, and performance in mind. Some of the major innovations of this company include STI Foam and System G2, which make riding smoother. If you are in the skateboarding community, you have probably heard of these shoes and are looking for your next pair.

They Are Reliable

Aside from sporting top-notch technology, you can also expect your new kicks to last a long time. They are made with durable materials, so you don't have to worry about your toes poking through on your first ride. That can save you even more money in the long run because you will have to replace your shoes less often.

You Know What You're Buying

When you looking at Etnies skate trainers online, you can rest easy knowing their skate shoes are both sporting legendary style and designed for the future of skate. Classic styles you know and love, such as the Etnies Fader, are often getting updated with new technologies and materials so you can put your best foot forward. Etnies also produces kids skate shoes as well for the budding skateboarder in your life.

Planting Trees and Vegan Options

Etnies offers eco-friendly and vegan footwear options. Styles such as the Jameson 2 Eco use recycled materials and are vegan, as well as part of Etnies’ Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project where they have planted over 2 million trees in an international reforestation program.

They Are Easy To Clean

There are a lot of different materials that go into one pair of sneakers. That means that you cannot just submerge them in water and scrub, or else risk breaking down the integrity of your shoes. Additionally, Etnies recommends you do not run them through the washing machine, as this can cause them to lose their shape. Likewise, putting them in a dryer can damage the bonding and shorten their lifespan.

Instead, use a soft brush to spot-clean any areas that are suede or nubuck. A soft cloth and a small amount of mild detergent are also a good option. Try not to use too much soap as you do not want to soak the shoes with water to rinse excess out. When finished, let dry without using direct heat.

Affordable Selection

Rogan's Shoes lets you choose from a specifically-chosen collection of Etnies skate shoes. When you are looking for your next pair, browse the selection to see what you can get for an affordable price. With Free shipping on orders of $49.99 and over, you may want to check our other options for athletic shoes for the entire family.