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Altra Running shoes stand out from the pack. This American brand sets itself apart with thoughtfully-created footwear technologies that make running accessible to more hobbyists and professional athletes alike. With a vast spectrum of options for road and trail alike, Altra sneaker models support the way you run. Get them now at Rogan's Shoes and score Free shipping on orders of $49.99 and over.

FootShape: A Core Innovation

Your feet are unique. For any running shoe to support your performance, it must have a proper amount of room in the toe box. Enter Altra FootShape. Engineered for enhanced stability and power, it uses a wide toe box to let your toes spread out naturally and relax. It also encourages your big toe to stay in a straight line. With this forward-thinking design, FootShape also promotes a better toe-off while minimizing overpronation. Altra offers multiple FootShape Fit styles for a range of feet types: Original, Standard, and Slim.

Exclusive ZeroDrop Technology

Maybe you’ve heard of the signature “Altra zero drop.” The key to this feature is the brand’s Balanced Cushioning platform. Designed to place both the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground, this technology creates a zero-millimeter drop on each shoe. This results in a more natural foot position. ZeroDrop and Balanced Cushioning platforms also improve the alignment of your feet, back and body posture, which minimizes overall impact and results in lower-impact landings.

FIT4HER: Integrated Support

Just as every runner’s foot is different, some gender-based anatomical variations call for specialized support. Many women’s feet have narrower heels and midfoot regions. Other notable characteristics include higher insteps, longer arches and metatarsal spacing that differs from many men’s feet. Altra’s FIT4HER addresses these differences in its design to better support women’s feet and improve comfort during running.

Sustainable Footwear Features

Unique to Altra footwear, EGO midsoles provide underfoot support using BLOOM foam sourced from algae. Altra Lone Peak womens and mens styles also feature uppers integrating hemp and responsibly sourced leather from Leather Working Group gold-rated tanneries. Altra also uses vegan glues in its shoe manufacturing processes. Styles that do not incorporate leather are completely vegan, giving you purchasing options that align with your values.

For the Trails and Roads

Wherever you go, Altra shoes will take you there. Top road running styles include the Altra Torin, designed with EGO MAX midsole foams for plush cushioning and FootPod technology for more natural underfoot movement. Another example is the Altra Rivera, incorporating EGO cushioning and FootPod as well as grid-like INNERFLEX midsole grooves to enhance flexibility. The brand’s trail running lineup includes the iconic Altra Lone Peak, designed with EGO cushioned comfort that goes the distance. Several trail running styles incorporate MAXTRAC rubber outsoles with TrailClaw lugs positioned under the metatarsal region for increased underfoot traction.

Whether you pick road or trail models, Altra shoes help you reach your running goals while keeping your feet happy. They receive the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance, certifying that they promote good foot health.

Get Altra at Rogan’s Shoes

With their unparalleled comfort, performance-focused technologies and sustainability features, Altra Running shoes change the running experience — and finding “Altra near me” has never been easier. Rogan’s Shoes offers an impressive selection of Altra shoes for the roads, trails and everywhere else your journeys take you. With every purchase, you enjoy Rogan’s Satisfaction Guarantee. Secure online shopping, a convenient returns process and a low price guarantee let you buy with confidence.