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Vasque Hiking Boots & Shoes

Whether you’re heading out on the hiking trail or just like the look of hiking boots and shoes, Rogan’s Shoes has a great selection for you to choose from. We understand that hiking is a lifestyle, not just a hobby. Our selection of Vasque hiking boots and shoes will help you find footwear that meets your personal needs.

Vasque Hiking Boots for Every Style

Our collection of hiking boots offers something for everyone, including men’s and women’s styles.

Hiking Boots

Traditional hiking boots are ideal for more challenging terrains and multi-day trips. A hiking boot offers excellent ankle support and protection against rough elements. When you spend active days on the trail and want to protect your feet and ankles from injuries, hiking boots offer that security.

Hiking Shoes 

Lighter and more versatile, hiking shoes are perfect for day hikes and less demanding trails. Hiking shoes offer a balance between comfort and durability. With hiking shoes, you can easily transition from trail to daily wear without disruption.

Trail Shoes 

For those who prefer a quicker pace on the trails, trail running shoes provide the agility and flexibility you need. Trail shoes support your feet during high-intensity hikes, which is valuable for active trail runs.

Winter Hiking Boots 

Insulation and waterproofing make winter hiking boots ideal regardless of the weather. With winter hiking boots and shoes, winter won’t derail your hiking enthusiasm at all. Enjoy your hobbies all year long with the right pair of winter boots for hiking.

Some hikers like to have a few different styles of boots and shoes so that they can choose their footwear based on their plans for the day.

The Perfect Fit for Vasque Hiking Boots

Choosing the right pair of hiking boots or shoes is the first step in ensuring an enjoyable and safe outdoor adventure. Our collection caters to a variety of hiking preferences, from leisurely strolls through local nature reserves to challenging ascents of rugged terrains. We offer a wide selection of styles and designs, so you can find the ideal fit for your needs and personal style.


Our line of Vasque hiking boots and shoes can withstand the rigors of the great outdoors. Each boot features high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, so you can confidently tackle rocky terrain, muddy paths, and everything in between.


We understand the importance of comfort during long hikes. Vasque hiking footwear features cushioned insoles and padded collars to keep your feet comfortable, even on extended journeys.


Proper arch and ankle support matter when hiking. The Vasque hiking shoe collection includes a variety of designs with features like reinforced shanks and ankle support to help prevent injuries and maintain your stability on uneven terrain.


Slip-resistant outsoles provide superior grip on a range of surfaces, reducing the risk of falls and ensuring you can confidently conquer steep ascents and descents.

Water Resistance

We offer styles with water-resistant or waterproof materials so you can keep your feet dry in wet conditions, allowing you to explore without discomfort. Look for styles with GORE-TEX, UltraDry, or NatureTex (NTX) membranes to keep out water but let your feet breathe.

The right pair of hiking boots or shoes is an investment in your outdoor adventures. Whether you are an avid, experienced hiker or just like the look and functionality of hiking shoes, Rogan’s Shoes has options to fit your needs. The right selection provides you with durable, comfortable support on the trail so that you can focus on the experience, not your feet.