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Safety is critical to an effective work environment — not just the removal and prevention of dangerous hazards, but how workers are equipped to function in that environment. When you're lifting heavy equipment or moving from station to station in a busy kitchen, you need to know that your shoes will shield you from potential risks. Rogan's Shoes offers a large inventory of Reebok work shoes, no matter what your workplace looks like, there's a pair of Reebok safety shoes to meet your needs.

The Reebok Revolution

Like most who shop at Rogan's Shoes, you already recognize the brand for its lineup of athletic and lifestyle footwear. While the company has existed since the last 1950s, it came to true prominence in the 1980s during the fitness revolution. Reebok innovated further with its running, cross-training, walking and basketball shoes before launching Reebok Work, a lineup focused solely on performance footwear for a wide range of workplace environments. From work oxfords to slip-resistant and steel-toe models, the brand offers a large selection of styles to meet workers' comfort, durability and safety needs.

Composite or Steel Toe: What's the Difference? 

Your workplace may have given you guidance about require footwear for your job. Browsing through our selection of Reebok work shoes, you see a wide range of composite, steel and safety-toe shoes. If you're a little confused, that's understandable. A quick run-down can help you better understand protective footwear.

  • Composite Toe: non-metallic, usually made from materials like carbon fiber or Kevlar
  • Steel Toe: a heavy-duty steel toe cap

Composite toe shoes are usually recommended in workplaces with metal detectors or involving exposure to extreme heat or cold. Steel-toe shoes may be specifically required by some workplaces, but they're also ideal in environments with a risk of falling debris or toe impacts. At Rogan's Shoes, we offer an extensive collection of Reebok steel toe shoes along with composite and soft-toe styles.

Keep Your Feet Happy at Work

Reebok work shoes incorporate key safety features tested to meet international standards. With core footwear technologies such as MemoryTech massaging footbeds and FloatRide Energy foam midsoles, you enjoy dreamy comfort while on your feet. Shop our selection of Reebok SubLite cushion work shoes and other safety footwear.