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Channel your inner girl power in shoes designed especially for women. Ryka footwear celebrates women every day with their intelligent designs for training, walking, hiking, summer fun and casual outings. They're not men's shoes that have been sized down but are intelligently crafted to complement the way a woman's body naturally works.

About Ryka

Sheri Poe found that fitness was a key component of healing from trauma, but she was disappointed when her shoes didn't enhance her experience. She set out to create shoes specifically designed for women's feet, and the Ryka brand was born. Since its inception, it has been focused on empowering women everywhere, which is why it's women-owned and operated and always will be.

The brand makes a point of supporting women in a variety of ways, but in particular, Ryka supports survivors of violence. It also works with women's organizations to help create safe, inclusive and empowering spaces for women around the world. Ryka celebrates creativity and women coming together to make a difference. Fitness will always be a big part of Ryka's background, but all Ryka shoes are designed to help women get out and do what they need to do without the discomfort of merely average footwear.

Ryka Features

Ryka makes a variety of shoes. Although Ryka tennis shoes were some of the brand's first successes, the brand now offers a variety of styles.

  • Walking shoes
    Designed for anywhere you want to go, Ryka walking shoes are carefully padded and offer a high energy return. They respond well to indoor and outdoor surfaces. They're specifically crafted with a narrower heel and wider front to accommodate a woman's shape.
  • Sandals
    The best sandals are easy to slip on and stay comfy all day. Ryka sandals are crafted with superior comfort in mind and don't sacrifice ease of use or durability. They also manage to be cute, a perfect fit for your next summer outing.
  • Trail shoes
    Whether you enjoy manicured trails or rugged adventures, your footwear has to stand up to many hours of work. Ryka trail shoes are built with durability and comfort as part of their signature design and offer optimal energy return for each step.
  • Lifestyle shoes
    On your casual days, the right Ryka lifestyle shoes give you the energy to stay out just a bit longer. From chunky boots to strappy sandals, casual footwear from Ryka fits right into your favorite outfit.
  • Training shoes
    When you're in a specific physical activity, such as running or dancing, nothing but the best will do. Try out some Ryka sports shoes or step into the studio in some optimally-shaped training shoes. You may never want another brand ever again.
  • Boots
    Who says you can't be warm and cute? Ryka boots are carefully designed to offer optimal protection from ice and snow while enhancing your favorite winter look.

The Right Women's Shoe for You

While pretty much all feet have a few things in common, that doesn't mean that every shoe can fit any foot. Ryka shoes are designed specifically for women and always include the precise shape and styles to ensure each step is as comfy as possible. Because of the way women walk, the way their feet are shaped and how their muscles move, wearing men's shoes can cause unnecessary chafing and stress on women's joints. You don't have to settle for merely average women's shoes when you can instead enjoy footwear that was intentionally designed for you.