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Founded in 1984 by South American brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, REEF is a footwear company created with a love of the ocean and surfing in mind. The brothers went into their endeavor with the idea of creating comfortable, durable REEF sandals that move as easily on the sand as they do on the pavement. Today, millions of people wear the company's sandals when they're enjoying the sun and surf at their favorite beaches.

It's All About the Details

From the very first pair of REEF sandals the Aguerre brothers created, it has always been about attention to detail. The brothers thought about what it was they wanted out of their beach footwear and then focused on redesigning and reengineering their shoes until they came up with exactly what they wanted. That strong attention to detail and creating high-quality shoes for the whole family still stands strong today. The company uses only the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship to create footwear that symbolizes a comfortable lifestyle full of freedom.

Fun Footwear For the Entire Family

When you step into your footwear, you want it to be an extension of your personal style. That's why REEF has so many options available. From solid-color platform REEF sandals to multi-colored flip-flops that the kids will love, you'll find dozens of styles to choose from. Are you heading out on a family vacation? You can even buy matching shoes for the entire family. Shop by size, color, type of shoe and even by which ones provide additional cushion support.

Sustainability at Affordable Prices

REEF's love for the ocean means the company does all it can to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products. For nearly 40 years, the company has focused on using renewable resources as well as recycled and organic materials whenever possible. In fact, the company is 100% PVC-free. That doesn't mean that you pay exorbitant prices for your REEF sandals and shoes, though. On the contrary, you can expect to pay affordable prices for shoes for the entire family.

Materials That Matter

REEF understands that you want to know where your footwear comes from, so the company is 100% transparent about where it sources its materials. The most common is 100% recycled polyester, which it creates from post-consumer plastic bottles that are certified according to global recycling standards. REEF also uses eco foams in its midsoles, such as bio-based EVA created from renewable sugar cane.

REEF doesn't always make leather shoes, but when it does, it sources the material responsibly from gold- or silver-rated tanneries that have a low impact on the environment. Finally, the company uses natural materials that include 100% cotton, jute, wood, cork, and even paper.

Giving Back To the Community

When you purchase REEF sandals and other footwear, you help the company give back to the community. Since 2018, the company has been operating the Surfrider Better Beach Alliance, an organization created to focus on cleaning up beaches and getting environmental legislation in front of politicians. To date, more than 300,000 volunteers have cleaned up over 1 million pounds of trash during more than 11,000 beach clean-up sessions.

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