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Look up "running shoes" in the dictionary and you'll probably see a Brooks running shoe next to the definition. Brooks built its brand and reputation on revolutionizing mens and womens running shoes, developing comfort and performance enhancing features since the early 1970s. For over a century, Brooks has produced high-quality footwear that goes the distance on soccer fields and baseball diamonds, in Olympic marathons and on challenging off-road trails.

World-Class Support

No matter what kind of running you're into, there's a Brooks runners footwear model made for you. Brooks develops new versions every year, and they continue to innovate with technologies such as GuideRails. Integrated into the midsoles, GuideRails technology limits side-to-side movement to help you attain a more natural stride and give your knees, hips and other joints better support.
As if that weren't enough, several Brooks running shoe styles feature its Segmented Crash Pad technology. As the name implies, that Crash Pad improves your landings with a matrix of shock absorbers distributed evenly from heel to toe. Besides minimizing impact, it also provides you with extra cushioning during your landings.

Performance-Boosting Tech

Many Brooks sneakers feature outsoles integrating air-injected rubber. Placed strategically in the forefoot region to deliver lightweight flexibility and dependable traction. You keep moving forward with ease while enjoying fast transitions that cut down on ground contact time. Brooks incorporates air-injected rubber into many of its womens running shoe styles.
BioMoGo DNA is another key footwear feature created by Brooks. This dynamic cushioning technology in the midsole adjusts to your stride, weight and speed, reducing impact forces on your joints. BioMoGo DNA is softer than the brand's DNA AMP cushioning, providing the right amount of energy return to keep you moving forward.

Made for the Trails

Brooks is no stranger to trail running. That's why they make mens and womens trail running shoes that incorporate features like the Ballistic Rock Shield. Not only does it shield your feet against pebbles and other debris, but it also includes vertical grooves to help you adjust to uneven terrain with each stride. Brooks trail running shoes with Ballistic Rock Shields also integrate gaiter tabs on the heels for further protection against trail debris.
Brooks trail running shoes incorporate improved cushioning such as DNA LOFT v2. Borrowing from the brand's original DNA LOFT technology, this version includes an extra 2 millimeters of cushioning plus a sturdy and super-soft material with drainage ports that let excess water out. Rain or shine, DNA LOFT v2 has you covered on the trails.
Traction is critical when you're on unpaved trails. Brooks builds traction into its trail running shoe models with TrailTack, a specially formulated rubber with a sticky texture. TrailTack provides superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces whether you're traversing uphill, downhill or on level ground.

More Footwear Features

Besides these specific technologies, womens and mens running shoes by Brooks incorporate several footwear basics. Most versions feature flexible engineered mesh uppers with the perfect balance of stretch and support plus breathability for moisture and temperature control. Brooks trail running shoes also include mudguards and TPU toe caps for additional protection.
We could go on and on about the awesomeness of Brooks sneakers. Right now, we'll just leave you to shop our broad selection of footwear available at great prices. With Rogan's Shoes Price Match Guarantee, you save money every day. Get Free shipping on orders of $49.99 and over.