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Crocs Classic Translucent Clog Unisex Water Sandals



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CC 206908

Crocs Classic Translucent Clog Sandals.
Classic Translucent unisex clog sandals by Crocs are a fun take on the famous originals. Enjoy the unique view of your pedicure or fancy socks while relishing the comfort Crocs are known for.
**Sizes are listed in mens, for womens sizing, go down 2 sizes. For example, when ordering a size 6, you will receive a pair of mens 6/womens 8.
• Suitable for water wear (they float!)
• Ports keep your feet fresh on land and prevent water from collecting inside the shoe
• Heel strap pivots to ensure good fit
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Quick and simple to clean; requires only cold water and gentle soap
• Made with exclusive CrosliteTM material (free of latex and animal products)
• CC 206908
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