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For over 100 years, Carhartt has crafted clothes and footwear for hard-working people. This American brand's safety shoes are built just as tough as the rest of its gear. Whether you need safety toe, electrical hazard or waterproof work boots, Carhartt has you covered. Find the perfect pair now at Rogan's Shoes. Order your Carhartt work boots and get Free shipping on orders of $49.99 and over.

Safety Toe Boots: Solid Protection

As you’re shopping our selection of Carhartt work boots, you will want to consider safety toe protection. Most work boots incorporate one of two types: steel toe or composite toe. They both offer impact protection for your toes but feature different materials:

  • Steel toe caps incorporate hardened steel or steel alloys fortified with carbon fiber.

  • Composite toe caps integrate materials like aramid, fiberglass, Kevlaror carbon fiber.

Steel and composite toes contrast in other key ways. Steel toes are the classic design, offering heavy-duty protection. Composite toes are often lighter and less affected by ambient temperatures. Steel toes are appropriate for many workplaces, but composite toes may better handle job sites with metal detectors, frigid cold or extreme heat.

Choosing a steel or composite toe depends on your workplace. Rogan’s Shoes offers both Carhartt steel toe boots and Carhartt composite toe boots to meet your needs. Look for safety spec details on each pair. Boots meeting ASTM F2413 I/75 C/75 standards protect toes from up to 75 foot pounds of impact and 2,500 pounds of compression.

Metatarsal Guard Safety Boots

Depending on your job site, you may need shoes with metatarsal guards, They are fortified plates made from sturdy plastic, metal or carbon fiber. Designed to shield the delicate metatarsal bones in your feet, met guards reduce injury risks from falling objects, compression, punctures, and sudden impacts. Several Carhartt work boot styles incorporate met guards for extra protection from
these hazards.

Electrical Hazard Footwear

Electrical hazards are unavoidable in some workplaces. These can include exposed electrical components, overloaded circuits, and downed power lines. That’s why electrical safety footwear usually comes in two forms: Electrical Hazard or Electrostatic Dissipative.

Electrical hazard footwear insulates wearers from the ground. EH-rated shoes don't conduct electricity, reducing electrical shock risks. Meanwhile, ESD footwear includes conductive materials to channel electricity through the shoe and into the ground. ESD designs decrease static electricity buildup and cut down on electrostatic discharge.

Rogan’s Shoes offers an extensive inventory of Carhartt electrical hazard boots along with Carhartt ESD styles. Choose the protection you need to get the job done.

Waterproof and Slip-Resistant Styles

Even without falling objects and electrical shock risks, you may face water-related hazards. Carhartt boots waterproof styles include the brand’s Storm Defender breathable membranes, shielding your feet from moisture while letting out sweat vapor. Searching “Carhartt boots near me” also leads you to slip-resistant styles that keep you sure-footed all day long. Carhartt’s Rugged Flex outsoles deliver superb resistance to oil, chemicals, abrasion, heat, and loss of traction. Look for safety specs such as ASTM F3445-21 SR and Mark II slip resistance.

Your Source for Carhartt Safety Shoes

Rogan’s Shoes is a proud retailer of Carhartt Boots plus an expansive inventory of safety shoes from other top brands like Justin, Ariat, and KEEN Footwear. Shop with confidence from our satisfaction guarantee: easy returns, secure online buying and a low price guarantee on thousands of styles throughout our store.