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ESD Footwear Care & Cleaning

ESD (electrostatic dissipative) Shoes need to be frequently maintained and cleaned so they can function properly. If the shoes are not cared for they may lose all their ESD capabilities.


ESD Footwear Care

To maintain proper ESD performance, the shoes must be frequently maintained and cleaned. Here is a recommended weekly cleaning schedule:

1. Keep the outsole very clean and free of all dirt, debris and other contaminants. Scrub the outsole using a mild soap and water solution.

2. Keep the inside of the shoe clean. Remove the insole and vacuum both the insole and the interior of the shoe.

3. Clean the leather uppers with a damp cloth.

The insole is a very critical component to the function of ESD footwear. Never substitute or replace the original insole with a non-ESD insole.

Very dry feet or socks and a dry environment may reduce the performance of the ESD footwear. Humidity is essential to the ESD performance. Do not use foot shoe powders that reduce the internal humidity of the footwear.