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Electrostatic Dissipative Shoes

Static electricity can be dangerous or damaging in the workplace, making ESD, or electrostatic dissipative shoes, a must for many employees. This type of work footwear is designed to prevent the build up of static electricity to ensure you stay safe in the workplace and protect sensitive electrical components.

ESD Shoes From Trusted Brands

In the past, ESD shoes were bulky, orthopedic-looking shoes that didn't fit any modern style. Nowadays, various brands make a point to create stylish footwear that remains durable and functions properly. Work shoes don't have to go against your sense of style or force you to turn on the brands you love.

At Rogan's Shoes, we only provide shoes from brands we know and trust. The tried-and-true brands, known for their reliability and beloved by our customers, tend to be the ones that we stock. Some examples of brands that create ESD work shoes include:

Our curated brands include oxford and boot options, with boots available in six and eight-inch styles.

ESD Standards in a Pair of Safety Shoes

SD shoes, or ESD footwear, conducts static electricity through the insole and outsole and into the ground. With both static dissipating safety shoes and non-safety shoes, you will see “SD” visible on the ASTM label inside the shoes.

To accomplish static dissipation, you cannot add or replace insoles in these shoes. Instead, the manufacturers design a special insole. Likewise, the floor and shoe sole and insole must remain clean and free of all foreign matter.

Most ESD boots and shoes haveclosed heels, resistance to fuels and oils, and slip resistant soles, while some have safety toes as well.

Comfort in a Pair of Safety Shoes

Electrostatic dissipative shoes reduce the amount of static electricity built up in your body. When choosing a pair of ESD work shoes, you have a choice between safety toe or non-safety toe, depending on your particular workplace hazards.

To find the right SD work shoes, think first about your environment. Synthetic, breathable materials are more appropriate when you need adequate protection but still want to remain cool and comfortable. Genuine leather uppers, on the other hand, may trap the heat but will last longer.

You may also want to choose your shoes based on how long you are on your feet. For workers who remain standing most of the day, a cushioned shoe with support can make a difference in body aches and pains, while a lightweight and flexible style is better for those logging miles at work.

As with all shoes for work, you must ensure that your footwear fits snugly but not too tight. ESD shoes should not cause you any pain but reduce fatigue and allow you to work through the day without worrying about uncomfortable shoes eating into your productivity.

The Success of Anti-Static Shoes

At Rogan's Shoes, we understand the importance of having a pair of shoes that work as advertised. Most people invest in static dissipating shoes and safety shoes when they work in an environment where the static buildup could damage electronics or pose ignition dangers. For example, ESD shoes may be worn in computer component handling facilities and manufacturing plants where people and machines create large static electricity fields.

For your next pair of ESD shoes that reduce static discharge, browse our selection of premium electrostatic dissipative shoes today!