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Western Chief

Western Chief specializes in waterproof boots for the whole family. The company was founded in 1891 and continues to be family-owned. Western Chief boots come in a variety of colors and styles from winter boots and work boots to rain boots and cozy boots.

What Makes Western Chief Boots Special

Western Chief footwear has a variety of special features unique to each shoe or boot.

  • For rainy days or soggy workdays, Western Chief rain boots and work boots are optimized to keep feet dry and footing stable thanks to high-traction soles and waterproof exteriors.
  • Snow and ice are no match for Western Chief snow boots, made with cozy insulation and extra fasteners to keep wind and water outside where they belong.

No matter which Western Chief footwear you are equipped with, you can count on high-quality materials and clever designs that hold up even after many hours of wear.

Footwear for the Whole Family

From playful designs to sturdy protection, Western Chief footwear is there to keep feet safe, no matter the size.

  • Kids' footwear includes a variety of summer and winter boots with playful colors and easy-on straps.
  • Women's boots can be whimsical or practical, but all are made to be comfortable and easy to slip into. 
  • Western Chief men's boots come in a variety of styles, including classic rain boots and winter rubber boots. 

Although Western Chief is best known for its classic puddle boots, don't forget to check for Western Chief winter boots or their sister company’s Staheekum slippers to equip your feet for any conditions.

How To Pick the Right Boots

It can be hard to know what to look for when you're trying to find specific footwear. Different Western Chief boots have subtle advantages, so look for these qualities to ensure your boots are giving you the most benefits.

  • If you'll be wearing your boots on wet or muddy terrain, look for waterproof designs with high traction outsoles. Easy washing can be a lifesaver as well.
  • When kids are playing in the snow, toggles or clasps at the cuff help prevent snow from getting down the insides of the boots and getting their socks wet. 
  • Anytime the temperature makes you shiver, you'll be grateful for boots with insulation. Choose light insulation for brisk days and protect your toes with powerful insulation in the winter. 
  • If you know you'll be taking your boots on and off frequently, invest in a pair with easy-on straps or gussets. 
  • When you're on your feet all day, a little arch support can go a long way. Invest in boots that provide good fit and support.
  • Ankle-high boots are great for casual walks, but if you expect splashing, calf- or knee-high boots are great protection for pants and socks. 

Once you know the style you want, you just have to find the right color and size.

The Right Western Chief Boots for You

Rogan's Shoes offers a great selection of footwear and accessories for any occasion and proudly stocks a variety of Western Chief footwear. Browse the website to peruse detailed descriptions or stop by your local Rogan's Shoes to try on a few pairs.