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At Rogan's Shoes, we value our customer's comfort above everything else and we uphold these values in our curated collection of UGG® slippers for women, men, and kids. There is nothing quite like slipping into comfortable, plush slippers after a tough day on your feet. Additionally, slippers offer protection and warmth when the days get chilly.

Our selection of slippers can serve as casual errand shoes, house shoes, or just cozy footwear to slip into when you want to pamper yourself. UGG® has styles from slides to moccasins and booties to fit every personality.

Eco-Friendly Options for House Shoes and Slippers

At Rogan’s Shoes, we understand that protecting the environment is essential to many of our consumers. UGG® is a top choice for eco-conscious customers because the company uses repurposed wool and purchases sheepskin from regenerative farms. In addition to ethically sourced materials from animals, they also utilize Tencel, a smooth fiber made from natural forests, sustainably planted trees, and renewable wood sources. Even the cotton comes from sustainable farms, where farmers make an effort to reduce pollution while helping their local communities.

Comfort and Technology for Safety and Ergonomics

Wearing socks on hardwood floors, tile, and linoleum can be hazardous. To avoid slipping and falling, ladies' UGG® slippers and men's UGG® slippers offer traction where your socks can't. There are two common outsoles in UGG® slippers, SugarSole™ and Treadlite by UGG™.

SugarSole™ outsoles are made of sugarcane EVA, a bio-based EVA produced with renewable sugar cane. Sugarcane EVA is ideal for slippers because of its flexibility and softness. The lightweight soles also offer support.

Treadlite by UGG™ outsoles are soft yet abrasion-resistant, lightweight, and have a grip that will not slip and slide on uneven or smooth surfaces. These soles are ideal for navigating wet and dry surfaces. When slippers have Treadlite by UGG™, you enjoy the benefits of comfortable house shoes that reduce your risk of slipping and falling on hardwood or slick flooring.

Walking on hard floors all day can cause foot pain. Slippers protect the feet from hard surfaces and reduce fatigue. Likewise, slippers can provide arch support for those who have flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Classic Styles and Eye-Catching Statements

While functionality matters, our customers appreciate marrying practicality and comfort with styles that suit their everyday style and taste. As you lounge at home after a tough day, it helps to be surrounded by things that match your aesthetic. Why not kick back with stylish slippers that lend themselves to a luxurious vibe? Soft and plush sheepskin can make a lavish statement and feel indulgent.

Styles range from the classic round toes to wedge platforms and casual slides. Allow yourself to show off a fun, playful vibe with fluffy slide slippers or create a simple look with classic booties. Many styles come in a range of colors, including neutrals and brights. While some may wear their slippers at home with comfy pajamas, they are also suitable footwear for athleisure wear on your way to the store.

Visit Rogan’s Shoes confidently, knowing you'll receive comfortable, premium shoes at a fair price. For orders of $49.99 and above, we'll offer free shipping; for orders below $49.99, we have a flat shipping rate of $5. Shop with us today to find UGG® slippers your whole family can enjoy.