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Track Spikes

If you're a track and field athlete, you already know how important track spikes are. Footwear outfitted with running spikes helps you run faster, whether on the track or on uneven terrain. The spikes give your shoes extra grip at the forefoot, which makes it easier for you to push off and gain speed. The key is choosing the right type of spike.

Track Spikes for Every Need

The type of track spikes you need on your footwear depends on the type of running you'll do.

  • Sprint Spikes – Sprint spikes are best for running short distances (100 to 400 meter) at high speeds. They are the lightest shoes on the market and focus on running with the balls of the feet, so there is not as much cushioning on the heels.
  • Middle Distance Spikes – Also lightweight, these track spikes provide a bit more padding at the heel and are best for 800- to 1500-meter distances.
  • Long Distance Spikes – Long distance spikes are an excellent choice if you plan to run 1500 meters or more. They are still lightweight but provide the most cushioning when you're on the move.
  • Cross-Country Spikes – These spikes are best for cross-country meets that require you to run over grass or other uneven terrain. They typically have longer spike pins and more traction for dirt and mud surfaces. 

Finding the Right Fit for Your Spikes

Choosing the right fit is essential for a successful race. The fit of your footwear depends on the type of track spikes you need. If you are sprinting or jumping, your spikes should have a snug and narrow fit. You should feel your toes at the end of the shoe, but they shouldn't feel too scrunched up or tight. These types of track shoes should feel like an extension of your foot.

Fitting for mid-distance and long-distance track spikes is a bit different. They should be slightly more relaxed but still secure. The shoe's midfoot should feel contoured and snug, but not so tight that your toes can't move. This fit provides room for swelling since feet naturally do so as you run for long distances. 

Footwear From Your Favorite Brands

Some of the top footwear names in the industry develop shoes with track spikes, including ASICS, Under Armour, Saucony and Nike. Whether you stick to your tried-and-true brand or decide to try a new one with your next purchase, you're sure to find high-quality materials that are comfortable, durable, and long-lasting. The key is to look for the features that meet your needs the most.

Most track footwear includes mesh uppers and EVA sock liners to create breathability that keeps your feet dry even when you're working up a sweat. If you're going long distances, look for shoes with reinforced uppers, which improve both flexibility and durability. Training and practices require many of the same features, so be sure to browse our selection of running shoes as well.

Regardless of what track shoes you choose, you can be sure that the name brands you're used to offer a variety of styles and colors to ensure your new track spike footwear fits your personality as well as it fits your feet. 

Get Your New Track Spikes Now

Whether you're running as part of a team or simply enjoy getting out and running your favorite cross-country trails, you need footwear with track spikes that will stand up to your needs. Rogan's Shoes can help you find just that. Need shoes designed for throwing events? We’ve got track throwing shoes too. Shop our selection of track shoes to find your next pair. You'll be off and running in no time.