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Chances are, if you're opting for Sperry Top-Siders, you want to look your best, on or off the boat. Here are some things to know about boat shoes and how this footwear option can help you give off the right impression. 

Wear Top Siders Sperry To the Marina

This type of footwear was originally made for boating. The next time you go to the boardwalk, wear styles such as the Sperry Authentic Original or Billfish to look like you belong. 

Wear Them For Travel

While there will be a break-in period, these are the most comfortable type of footwear on the market. The slip on design makes them easy to put on and take off when going through TSA checkpoints, and they will keep you comfortable while hauling your luggage. 

Wear Them On a Date

Wearing this type of footwear on a date will show off your relaxed personality and make for a great conversation starter. Or, you can dress up loafer styles for business casual occasions by pairing them with dark trousers and a blazer. 

Wear Them With Jeans

Any Sperry shoes style looks great with denim. When you want to show off your shoes, you can cuff your pants. That will show off the fashion statement on your feet at your next casual outing. 

Wear Them With Colorful Chinos

This footwear option is a necessity if you like colorful trousers. Getting boat shoes in multiple colors can help ensure you have the contrast between your shoes and pants. Fortunately, most of them are available in neutral colors, which will go with almost any color pants. 

Wear Them With Shorts

Since boat shoes are the perfect footwear choice for summer, it is only natural that they look good with shorts. Just like with pants, use the color of your shoes to balance things out, and go for bolder shoes with plain shorts. 

No Need to Wear Socks

Perfect for hot summer days, Sperry boat shoes can be worn without socks. The interior materials of these shoes are soft enough that you don't need them and are often styled so that you shouldn't show any socks. If you prefer socks, try low cut varieties or go ahead and add a colorful option for a statement look. Otherwise, go ahead and pair socks with canvas styles like the Sperry Striper for more of a sneaker vibe.

Boots are Perfect for Winter

Sperry duck boots are perfect for rainy, wet weather that can come with winter. Stay dry and warm with classic boots like the Sperry Saltwater for a stylish yet practical choice.

Care For Them Properly

Even though they are casual shoes, you can still prolong their lifespan by caring for your footwear properly. When you wear your Sperry shoes without socks, they can start to smell. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Putting baby powder or a dryer sheet in your shoes overnight will help to remove that odor and return them to normal. 

Sperry boat shoes are a great option for casual summer occasions. They have been around since 1935. The original inspiration for their first boat shoe came from a man watching his dog run across ice. Sperry discovered that the tiny cuts in the dog's paw created traction and used that idea to create top-performing boat shoes. Get yours on this website, today.