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Puma Safety Shoes & Boots

For people with jobs that require heavy-duty work, typical footwear often does not cut it. Rogan’s Shoes understands the importance of having options to protect your feet from potential risks. We have various styles and options of Puma Safety shoes to keep you covered while sporting classic style.

Protection at Every Level

Safety footwear means different things for different jobs. As a leader in the protective footwear industry, Puma Safety shoes prides itself on designing and crafting shoes, boots and sneakers that deliver function and performance. Its lineup ofofferings includes:

Regardless of whether you need one safety feature or more, Puma safety footwear meets or exceeds ASTM standards.

Stylish Options for Everyone

Whether you are in the market for Puma safety toe shoes or non-safety toe work boots, Rogan’s Shoes has a style to match everyone’s needs. When the job requires toe protection, you are not stuck with one or two boring options. Puma composite toe shoes are available in a sleek, sporty sneaker style or a more rugged boot style. Both deliver protection while letting you add your personal style to the day.

Many of the Puma workboots feature a durable leather upper that is waterproof as well as abrasion- and stain-resistant. They also have rugged rubber outsoles that can help you keep your grip when faced with a spill, whether water or oil. Puma safety sneakers further let you showcase your personality while giving you the confidence to take on the task at hand. From steel toe Puma sneakers with a running shoe silhouette to Puma safety shoes with a classic skater vibe, Rogan’s Shoes makes it easy to find the style you want with the protection you need.

Whether you like to make a splash wherever you go or trend more toward subtle flair, Puma has a colorful array of safety footwear. Its impressive sneaker-style lineup comes in an assortment of colors, some of which are dual-toned for added style. If you need more traditional men’s or women's Puma composite toe shoes, you can find options in classic brown and black that complement uniforms, dress pants or jeans.

Support and Comfort Included

Along with the required safety features, women’s and men's Puma safety shoes also deliver all-day comfort and support. Most options feature a cushioned footbed that conforms to your feet to promote foot health and a flexible, supportive midsole that keeps movements feeling natural while absorbing the impact of every step. Puma working shoes include a breathable lining that wicks away moisture, helping your feet stay cool and dry.

Puma composite toe sneakers come in a variety of uppers, all of which are designed to ensure maximum comfort. Whether you prefer safety sneakers with a breathable mesh upper, high-quality leather, or a textile and leather blend, each delivers a flexible, durable option. Both the brand’s boots and sneakers feature outsoles designed specifically for harsh work environments. Puma composite toe sneakers incorporate have high-traction outsole built under a foam anti-fatigue midsole, which work together to provide energy return and stable steps.

Quality Footwear at Affordable Prices

When a focus on safety is part of the job, Rogan’s Shoes strives to have the best Puma Safety shoes available. We make it easy to browse our selection by style, feature, color, and size. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can feel confident that you are getting high-quality Puma safety footwear at price points to fit your budget. Bring Puma style outside of work with our selection of Puma athletic shoes for the entire family as well.