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Nina is a boutique shoe and handbag manufacturer that has been making elegant accessories since 1953. The company specializes in formalwear for women and girls and has a wide selection of footwear for fancy occasions. Nina dress shoes are crafted to add elegance to any outfit.

Nina's Premium Styles

Nina footwear's availability varies depending on the season, but you can depend on Rogan's Shoes for classic styles for those dressy occasions.

  • Nina Dress Sandals. From strappy sandals to elegant summer heels, Nina sandals are a great fit for any fancy occasion.
  • Nina Evening Shoes. No wedding or prom outfit is complete without a pair of classic pumps. Look for shimmering colors with a variety of toe styles and heel heights.
  • Nina Children's Shoes. Outfit your little flower girl or tea party guest with gleaming footwear that matches the theme of the day.
  • Nina Flats. It's hard to dance all night in high heels, but you can always swap them with a pair of elegant flats for long events.

Nina Footwear always does its best to stay on trend with wedding and party shoes. Come back anytime to pick up the latest styles.

When To Wear Nina Shoes

Nina dress shoes for women are suitable for many occasions. Not every shoe is fitted with rhinestones or glitter, but you can match the level of glam to your next event.
Glossy satin and sparkling pumps are great for weddings. Try a gentle cream color for the bride or mother of the groom, but enjoy some zesty colors for bridesmaids.
Match that fancy prom dress with some exciting and glam Nina dress shoes. Sparkly and shiny styles are great for local dances and add a lovely finishing touch to Quinceanera dresses.
Perhaps you're going to a business dinner and want to dress up without drawing too much attention to your feet. Black pumps or kitten heels are the perfect accessory.

Selecting Comfort Features

Nina dress shoes are primarily known for their elegance and style, but they also come with gentle comfort features to make any night more pleasant. Look for these features when you're shopping for your next pair of formal shoes:

  • Cushioning. No matter what footwear you're wearing, a little cushioning goes a long way. High heels in particular are known for putting pressure on the balls of the feet, so shop for shoes that offer a little extra padding in the footbed.
  • Quality Materials. Well-crafted shoes have quality stitching, fitted linings and sturdy soles.
  • Correct fit. Overly narrow shoes make any evening unpleasant, but wide shoes can be just as much of a problem. Nina dress shoes often come with different styles and cut to help you enjoy the right fit.
  • Outsoles. If you're going to an outdoor event, look for shoes with slip-resistant outsoles. When you're inside, non-marking outsoles are ideal since they won't leave black scuff marks on fancy floors.
  • Adjustable Straps. Everyone has a unique foot shape, so look for footwear that makes it easy to get a close fit that won't chafe. Adjustable straps are great to get the right fit.

How To Get the Right Nina Dress Shoes

Nina footwear comes in many styles for many occasions, and the brand has a variety of shoe types that offer comfort and elegance. Rogan's Shoes brings these dress shoes to you at a great price. Don't forget to come back to see each season's selection of Nina styles. Be sure to check out our mens dress shoes to outfit everyone for your next special event.