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Go the distance with athletic footwear made specifically for running. Because running is such a specialized sport, and each runner has their own unique gait, it's important to wear a proper shoe that can handle your needs. The best running shoes have stability, energy return, foam, a midsole and a rubber outsole to provide the support you need to prevent injuries. Rogan's Shoes has a selection of shoes for every foot type, including neutral runners, pronators and supinators. Premium running shoes are a key element in training, making you faster and stronger with each and every run. 

Popular Brands Available

Rogan’s Shoes carries a wide varietyof running shoe brands to give you plenty of choices. If you're looking for a minimalist shoe, a trail shoe or a sneaker with high-tech cushioning, we have you covered with New Balance running shoes and these other brands:  

A well-chosen brand makes a difference. The name brands that we sell continually perform research and develop new ways to support and cushion feet. This allows you to focus your running on making minor adjustments to gait, arm swing and stride instead of thinking about how much your feet hurt. Running shoes are made with different heel heights, various cushioning thicknesses, wide or narrow midsoles, round or square toe boxes and other features that provide a customized fit and stable ride. 

Style Without Sacrificing Performance

With so many shoes to choose from, narrowing down your choices can be a daunting task. It helps to find out what kind of gait you have. Once you know the type of running shoe you need, you can look for running footwear within your type that meets your style preferences. Running shoes are available in a wide range of designs, some with a monochromatic, modern look and others with a bright and funky vintage look. You're sure to find a shoe in the colors and the style you prefer with our huge selection. 

Running shoe performance continues to increase with the evolution of technology. As knowledge about how the body works while running grows, researchers can create shoes that provide the stability, grip and power you need when you're on the go. Amaze yourself as you reach for a new personal record on your long run or in your next race. You will also enjoy the feeling of supreme comfort when you have the right cushioning thickness beneath your feet on recreational runs. 

Whether you're looking for a road running shoe or a trail running shoe, your footwear needs to absorb impact from the ground to protect your body from harm. You will enhance your technique, improve your speed and reduce muscle aches when you have high quality shoes on your feet. Keep track of how many miles you're putting on your shoes as well. Just like how tires wear out from use, your shoes do too. The more miles you run, the quicker you’ll need to replace your shoes to make sure that you continue to have the optimal grip, cushioning and stability. 

At Rogan's Shoes, we're proud to provide you with the running shoes you need to reach your top performance levels and, with our huge selection, you won’t have to sacrifice the style you crave. Enjoy shopping for your next pair today!