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Men's Tennis Shoes

Whether you spend days or justa couple of hours on the court, you need footwear that keeps up with your game. From tennis to pickleball or any racquet sport in between, Rogan's Shoes has mens tennis shoes that can keep up with you. We take pride in offering a wide variety of brand names and styles to ensure you find shoes that are as stylish as they are functional.

Shoes From Brands You Can Trust

Your tennis shoes need to be high-quality, well-made, and ready to take on your next match. This is why Rogan's Shoes takes pride in offering shoes from the brand names you know and trust the most. From men's New Balance tennis shoes to tennis-inspired lifestyle shoes from Reebok, as well as performance models from ASICS and K-Swiss, we have a wide collection that ensures you find exactly what you need. 

Benefits of Wearing High-Quality Tennis Shoes

Finding high-quality men's tennis shoes provides many benefits. First, they offer more comfort during play. You’ll need adequate support and cushioning when playing court sports. Tennis shoes will have the lateral support and responsive cushion needed, especially when playing on hard courts, the most common tennis court surface. Baseline play also requires more lateral support for the side-to-side movements.

Durability is another benefit. Purchasing from brands you trust ensures you have shoes that can withstand the wear and tear you put them through during play. Look for styles designed for the type of court that you play on most frequently. Many of our mens tennis shoes have outsoles and toe protection designed to take the wear you can experience on hard surfaces like outdoor tennis and pickleball courts. Grass surfaces often require flatter soles, whereas clay court play needs additional stability and wider treads to release clay and provide grip.

While styles designed for hard court work well on indoor courts, you may also want to check out our selection of men’s volleyball shoes for styles specifically designed for indoor court surfaces, especially if you're going to be using your court shoes for indoor sports such as pickleball, squash, handball, or padel.

Getting the Right Fit For Your Tennis Shoes

Finding the right fit for your footwear is essential for comfort, stability, and functionality. The right size shoe leaves enough room between the tip of your toes and the front of the shoe without feeling too loose. This space is important to prevent blisters or feeling like your toes are jammed into the shoe as you pivot, cut, and run on the court. 

Consider the width of your feet as well. Sometimes, standard shoes are too small on the sides because your feet are wider than average. If this has been the case for you, look for footwear that offers wide-width options.

Finally, consider how the shoes make your ankles feel. Some tennis shoes have tops that hit right at the fibula and tibia bones in your ankle, which can cause them to rub against you while you are playing and may create blisters. Consider how your shoe feels around your ankle when trying them on.

Features To Look For in Your New Footwear

New tennis shoes provide a wide variety of features that increase comfort, improve stability, and ensure a functional and durable shoe. There are many features to consider when choosing your new men's tennis shoes. First, look for shoes that are made with durable uppers, extra lateral support, and breathable panels. This makes it easier for you to be on the move without increasing foot fatigue. Your new shoes should also have strong durable rubber outsoles, additional protection against toe drags, and cushioned footbeds to improve performance. 

Find Your New Men's Tennis Shoes Today

When you're ready to find new footwear, Rogan's Shoes is ready to help. We offer a wide variety of men's tennis shoes that will get you on the court and keep you playing in comfort and style. Find your off-court styles with us as well with our selection of men’s athletic shoes. Shop with us today!