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Having a good pair of shoes is critical to preventing injuries and maximizing your comfort levels, which can help your whole body feel great. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best pair of shoes for your needs. Follow these tips while picking out your LAMO shoes and slippers and you'll get a great experience.

Cushioned Soles for Comfort

Think of your shoes as your foundation. The cushioned in the soles aids in shock absorption to keep your feet comfortable and protects against hard surfaces. Especially helpful in slippers, you’ll enjoy the cushioned feel of LAMO shoes.

Reduce Fatigue with Lightweight Shoes

While leather sneakers are trendy, they can be heavy. LAMO shoes and slippers are made of lightweight materials that are both breathable and easy to wear all day long. This is part of the brand's commitment to promoting an active lifestyle among its customers.

Adjustable LAMO Boots and Shoes With Laces

Picking out a LAMO shoe with laces offers a more adjustable fit than a slip-on because it will secure the shoe to your foot to keep it from sliding around on the sole. Styles that lace up will use elastic lacing that is easy to slip on, but can be adjusted by re-tying the knot at the end. This ensures your LAMO Paula or Paul styles will always fit well.

Shop for Seasonal Comfort

LAMO began in Southern California by making sheepskin footwear that is both cozy for the winter months and designed to regulate temperature in warmer climates. Today they focus on footwear for the active lifestyle found on the coast with cozy slippers like the LAMO Juarez as well as breathable sandals and shoes perfect for the summer months.

Replace Worn Shoes

Shoes don't come with lifetime warranties. When your soles start wearing around your heels and toes, it's time for a new pair. After tossing your shoes, make sure that you hit Rogan's shoes for more of your favorite LAMO shoes. This company makes plenty of styles, so you can expect to find something that you'll want to wear often. Remember to keep an open mind when browsing and be sure to check out all your options.

Avoid Pain With the Right Fit

Shoes that don't fit well will cause pain in your feet, calves, shins, knees, hips and back. When you have pain in any of these locations, try buying new shoes before doing anything else. Getting new shoes that fit well and match the shape of your feet can often help eliminate these problems and keep you comfortable.
You want to make sure that you get shoes that are comfortable and functional. LAMO started by making sheepskin shoes but today they still make shoes designed to enhance your comfort no matter the season. Make sure to pick up your pair at Rogan's Shoes today.