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Hoka Shoes for Men

A creation rooted in optimism, Hoka shoes for men are running shoes that are kind to your body, even when you're running at top speed. Whether you're a professional runner or simply like meandering through the trails at your local park, you're sure to find something that meets your needs. After all, Hoka believes movement is magic and aims to bring the joy of it to as many people as possible.

Created With Sustainability in Mind

We live on an amazing planet, and Hoka does what it can to ensure it stays that way. Each pair of shoes the company creates is done so with sustainability in mind. In fact, more than 99% of the company's footwear styles use at least one recycled, renewed or naturally sourced material. They also focus on less petrol-based plastic and aim to have 55% of the co-polyester fibers in their footwear come from renewable or post-consumer resources by 2030. They also plan to reduce their energy usage by at least 25% per shoe by 2030.

Innovative Technology With You in Mind

Hoka shoes for men use three core technologies: their cushioned midsole, the Active Foot Frame™, and the curved MetaRocker™. The combination creates more traction, more speed, more comfort, and more confidence in yourself as you run. 

The cushioned midsole is built for comfort and speed. It helps you to land softly and comfortably with every step you take, springing back up as needed to ensure you always have the flexibility you need. The high-performance shock absorption is made for both performance and protection.

The Active Foot Frame from Hoka is made to create a cradled type of comfort. It holds your foot securely in place by raising or lowering the walls of the midsole as needed for the type of walking or running you're doing. This gives you stability and lets you step with more confidence no matter what type of terrain you're on. For more stability to assist with overpronation, look for guidance and stability running shoe styles with the J-Frame and H-Frame technologies.

Finally, the Metarocker creates a smooth and efficient walk with easy transitions under your feet. The versatile curved design can help you create a faster transition or is dialed down in stability models for additional ground contact. 

What to Expect From Hoka Shoes for Men

It can be overwhelming to purchase new shoes online, but it helps to understand what you'll get from Hoka shoes for men. First, you'll always get cutting-edge designs, which ensure you remain stylish when you're out and about. Breathable mesh uppers are common in most of the company's styles as they help your feet to stay cool and dry when you're running.

You’ll find eco-friendly insoles made of 30% sugar cane, which reduces the need to use fossil fuels. Another feature you may see is the Vibram Ecostep Natural outsole, which is made from 90% oil-free materials and contains pigments that are 100% natural. It is also common to see 100% recycled polyester top cloth. The result is a comfortable, durable, functional, and fashionable pair that do as much for the environment as they do for you.

Hoka offers several different styles to meet your needs. While they are known for their Hoka running shoes such as the Hoka Clifton or Hoka Bondi, you’ll also find they offer hiking shoes and recovery slides as well. From road running to hitting the trails, Hoka has you covered.

Find the Right Pair of Hoka Shoes for Men to Meet Your Needs

Hoka shoes for men are an excellent choice for your next pair of running shoes. The environmentally conscious company takes pride in offering stylish, sustainable designs at price points you can afford. Whether you're looking for new walking shoes or are a marathoner in need of speed, you'll find everything you need at Rogan's Shoes. Shop now to get your new shoes as soon as possible!