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Hey Dude Shoes Near Me at Rogan's Shoes. 29 local Rogan's Shoes locations that stock Hey Dude shoes for men, women and kids. 
Hey Dude shoes are designed to be the ultimate blend of comfy slippers and suave street shoes. Each pair is built on the brand's unique flexible EVA footbeds that offer extraordinary range of movement, high energy rebound and trustworthy support with each step. Hey Dude footwear never contains clunky metal or thick rubber parts, which allows them to be nearly weightless without sacrificing protection or durability. The brand began with men's shoes but quickly expanded to offer Hey Dudes for women and children, ensuring everyone could have ideal foot comfort in any setting.

Hey Dude has been around since 2008, when it was founded by Alessandro Rosano, a man with a vision for modern footwear that wouldn't weigh anyone down. Rosano and his team studied shoe construction around the Tuscan region of Italy to get an idea of the best innovations in shoe design. Once they had learned all they could from the old ways, they set up shop in Florence and designed the now-iconic fresh soles. Since then, the brand has sold millions of flexible shoes to people with feet around the world. Consumers from all over the world who enjoy comfort and style in a flexible shoe are ordering and enjoying their own Hey Dudes from shops like Rogan's Shoes.