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DEWALT Work Shoes & Boots

Since 1924, the DEWALT company has offered high-quality, durable, professional products. DEWALT work boots are created with the same quality and stability in mind. The pro-focused business focuses on building the best footwear with the durability and comfort needed for work boots. 

Fashionable and Functional Footwear

Whether you like work boots above the ankle, at the ankle, or below it, you're likely to find something that fits just right when you purchase DEWALT work boots. The footwear is available in various styles to ensure you find something to meet your specific needs. Options range from low-ankle, sneaker-like designs to 6-inch tall boots that provide full coverage and protection when you're doing your job.

Features You Can Rely On

DEWALT work boots provide features inside and out that keep you comfortable and functional when you're on your feet all day. On the outside, you'll find professional-grade steel toes and midsoles to keep you safe while on the job. Flexible outsoles ensure full range of motion while providing the slip resistance you need to lessen the risk of falling on the job. You'll also find full-grain leather uppers in the taller boots, which help to keep your feet dry in rainy or muddy conditions.

On the inside, DEWALT footwear includes moisture-wicking linings that keep your feet comfortable and dry whether you're working in the heat or out in rough terrain. A waterproof membrane can provide further assistance. Padded tongues and collars further ensure your comfort when you're on the job. 

Some other features you might find in your DEWALT footwear include:

  • Quick-access pull loops for easy-on, easy-off
  • Super grip outsoles
  • Flexible midsoles 
  • Metal-free toe caps
  • Heat-resistant outsoles
  • Premium leather
  • TPU outsoles
  • Anti-scuff toes
  • High-level impact protection
  • Lightweight construction
  • High-traction outsoles  

Suitable for a Variety of Situations

DEWALT work boots are made for people who work in various industries. They fit well when you're on the farm and rise to the occasion when working on a construction site. They are also popular among people who work in carpentry, electrical or plumbing fields. Even better, since the designs are as fashionable as they are functional, you can slip on the same shoes when you're running errands or otherwise spending time outside of work. You'll find something you like whether you prefer a traditional design to your work boot or something that looks a little more sleek. There are even some options that look sophisticated enough to wear when you need to spruce it up a bit.

Comfort You Can Trust

DEWALT is so sure of its professional footwear that their motto is Guaranteed Tough. Many of the boots provide a 30-day comfort guarantee. Even so, the company uses only the highest-quality materials and most innovative comfort technology in its shoes, ensuring you aren't likely to need your warranty. 

Find DEWALT Work Boots at Rogan's Shoes

Maybe you're mucking out stalls on your farm. Perhaps you're building the next big thing in your city. No matter what keeps you on your feet all day, you deserve to work in style and comfort. DEWALT work boots provide just that. If you're interested in finding the right pair to meet your needs, check out Rogan's Shoes. We offer a wide selection of affordable work and safety footwear for you to choose from.