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Cougar Boots and Shoes

Cougar boots seamlessly combine practicality and style to create waterproof boots for any condition. Cougar began as a family-owned business in Canada, where experience with wild weather conditions inspired optimized footwear. The original Cougar boots were made with padded leather and felt lining, perfect for snowy days in Ontario. The unique puffy style drew in millions of buyers; the dependable traction and cozy interiors have kept these boots a popular choice for nearly half a century. 

Special Design Features

  • Waterproofing. Cougar footwear is always crafted to keep water out without reducing breathability. A variety of waterproofing techniques have been tested to ensure each shoe and boot meets safety standards and never fails to keep your socks dry.
  • Cushioning. From high-energy-return insoles to gently contoured footbeds, Cougar boots are crafted to keep your feet comfy even after hours of wear.
  • Traction. Snow and ice can be treacherous, but the high-grip rubber and multi-directional lugs are always working to give you stability.
  • Durability. Long-lasting shoes help both the environment and your pocketbook, which is why Cougar invests in quality leather, durable rubber, real metal fixtures and sturdy lacing.
  • Warmth. From puffy boots to sleek high-impact linings, Cougar footwear has the insulation needed to keep your feet safe from frostbite whether you're hiking, sledding, or just going to get the mail.

Every pair of boots by Cougar is a little different, but you can always count on quality and design.

How To Style Cougar Boots

Durable boots don't have to be clunky and practical, although a subdued style can be a great accessory alongside a bright winter jacket. Cougar snow boots come in a variety of shapes and styles, with colors ranging from the flashy to the sophisticated. Try pairing neutral colors with bold statement shoes or enjoy a little elegance from sleek boots to go with your more formal wear. Anyone can enjoy waterproof Cougar boots for workdays, casual events, or special evenings. With Cougar By Storm boots, you can even get a budget-friendly option that still delivers on quality.

Finding the Perfect Cougar Boots

Product descriptions offer great tips for finding the right womens winter boots for your unique needs. 

  • Waterproof. Not all waterproofing is equal. Water sometimes soaks into textile uppers, making boots feel heavy even though water can't get through the membrane. If the waterproofing is just in the base, you'll want to stick to shallow puddles instead of deep snowdrifts. 
  • Insulation. Thickness and rating make a big difference in cold protection. Modern technology can produce paper-thin insulation that's rated to protect against very cold temperatures. If you don't need that much protection, you might prefer fluffier insulation for comfort.
  • Soles. Popular choices for outsoles include polyurethane (PU), rubber and thermoplastic rubber (TPR). PU tends to be the most flexible, rubber the highest traction and TPR the most protective.
  • Interior. Linings and footbeds can be padded or contoured, depending on how much compression will be most helpful to you. Look for removable interiors if you expect to wash your footwear often. 

Once you know what features you need, all that's left is to find a great style in the perfect size.

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