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Brooks Ghost Series

The Brooks Ghost is nearly synonymous with comfortable running shoes. Brooks Running is an international brand that designs premium footwear for professional and casual runners. A team of dedicated designers takes the time to run in all kinds of shoes so that they can offer optimized shoes for track, trail, and multi-surface running. The Brooks Ghost series is one of the most popular and enduring lines of Brooks running shoes.

How To Select the Right Running Shoes

Details matter when you're looking for running shoes. Once you know how to read the specs, you can more easily find footwear that will give you top performance in your preferred arena.

  • Surface. Running shoes are designed for either road or trail, although some are suitable for both. Ghost by Brooks has shallow treads with curved grip for optimal contact with pavement instead of the deeper square treads meant to counter debris on off-road trails.
  • Material. The materials used in shoes can vary, letting you find the style perfect for you. From lightweight and flexible knit uppers to breathable yet waterproof Gore-Tex membranes found in the Brooks Ghost GTX styles, you can match your shoes to how and where you’ll be running.
  • Weight. Lightweight shoes are ideal when you want speed, but styles with more stability can have increased weight. Most running shoes are between 6 – 13 ounces, and anything lighter than 8oz is usually considered lightweight. Brooks Ghost running shoes are usually mid-weight, depending on the version.
  • Cushioning. Increasing shoe cushioning can help reduce impact on joints, but it can also reduce your ability to sense the ground. Brooks Ghost shoes have varying levels of cushioning, but the Ghost Max styles offer a plush cushion feel.
  • Arch Support. If you have flat feet or high arches, sturdy support can help reduce pain as you run and help you achieve a more measured stride.
  • Midsole Drop. Normal soles are thicker in the heel than the toe, creating a comfortable wedge shape and cushioning heel strike. Some running shoe soles have a dropped heel, creating a sole closer to the same thickness throughout. The Ghost Max has a minimal drop, increasing control and flexibility, and supporting mid-foot strike.
  • Curved Sole. Most running shoes curve upward at the front in a rocker toe, providing more support for the balls of the feet. Brooks Ghost 15 and Brooks Ghost 14 both offer toe and heel rockers to aid smooth transitions between each footstep.
  • Ankle Angle and Stability. Runners can have over-pronated, supinated (or under-pronated), or neutral gaits, referring to how much your feet roll inwards towards each other. You can check the soles of your current shoes to see if the insides or outsides are more worn, then select shoes that offer more support for your ankles to help prevent injury. Ghost styles are best for neutral strides, but Brooks also offers more stable styles with their GuideRails technology. These stability and guidance shoes will have GTS in the style name.

If you're not sure how your ankles and feet move while running, you can get fitted at a local shop such as a Rogan’s Shoes store, where staff can help you find out what styles may work best for your gait. From there, you can test out different footwear that will help keep your body supported.

Men's and Women's Brooks Ghosts

The Brooks Ghost series offers great options for road shoes with average weight and midsole drop. For other Brooks running shoes that fit your needs, you can browse the selection of running shoes for the whole family. Rogan's Shoes online offers specific product details to help you find the right shoes for your running style. Or, for more assistance, contact Customer Service by calling 1-800-976-4267 or stop by a local Rogan's Shoes store to try out your options, making it easy to get a pair with a great fit that will enhance your next run.