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You work hard. Shouldn’t your safety footwear do the same? With professional-quality materials and craftsmanship, Avenger Work Boots deliver ultimate comfort, protection and durability on the job. At Rogan’s Shoes, we stock an impressive range of Avenger safety footwear with steel toe, electrostatic dissipative, slip-resistant, met guard and other key features. Keep your feet happy and healthy and enjoy convenient shopping with Rogan’s Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Steel and Composite Toes

Steel toe boots are the original standard in toe protection. Typically crafted from hardened steel, these toe caps are designed to shield from impact and compression injuries. Composite toe boots achieve similar goals but use materials like carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. Safety toes customarily guard against several job site hazards:

  • Falling parts and equipment

  • Rolling heavy objects or vehicles

  • Strikes and punctures from sharp objects

Besides safety toe caps, you may be required to wear shoes with met guard protection. Metatarsal guards are solid shields made from metal or polymers. Integrated inside or on the outside of safety shoes, they serve as a barrier between the delicate metatarsal bones at the top of your foot and heavy objects that can crush, crack or fracture them.

Many models of Avenger work shoes incorporate safety toes, with some also including met guards. Look for these in Avenger Work Boots A7225, A7264 and similar styles. Look for safety standard information in our product descriptions to meet your work requirements. For instance, ASTM F2413 I/75 C/75 toe caps are rated up to 75 foot pounds of impact force and 2,500 pounds of compression.

Electrical Hazard Safety 

Workplace electrical hazards can come in many forms. Live wires and downed power lines are just a couple of examples. Exposed components and circuits also present injury risks. Depending on your environment, you may inadvertently accumulate electrostatic charges in your body. This static electricity can damage equipment, ignite flammable materials and even cause mild electric shocks to others you touch.

Electrical safety footwear addresses such risks with a couple of different designs: Electrical Hazard and Electrostatic Dissipative. EH-rated footwear insulates you from the ground by incorporating non-conductive materials. ESD-rated shoes route current through their soles, allowing it to pass into the ground. Avenger Work Boots includes many EH and ESD styles. We’ve already mentioned the classic A7225, but others include the Avenger A7223 and the 7421. Some ASTM safety standards also include EH or ESD ratings.

Slip-Resistant Styles

Slip resistance is one of the most common safety footwear features. That’s no surprise, given how many work environments have wet floors, oil, and similar slip-and-fall risks. Oil- and slip-resistant shoes provide traction in these environments. Applicable safety standards include ASTM F3445-21, but you may also see shoes labeled as Mark II SATRA non-slip. You’ll find these on many Avenger safety shoes, equipped with tread designs that route water and oil away to maximize grip. As a bonus, some also include waterproof membranes that block out exterior moisture while letting out sweat vapor.

Your Destination for Work Boots

Count on Rogan’s Shoes for an extensive lineup of Avenger Work Boots and other safety footwear brands. Shop our selection of safety footwear designed for comfort and protection in manufacturing, construction, food service, healthcare and other work environments. With our Satisfaction Guarantee, you enjoy secure online shopping, easy returns, a low price guarantee and Free shipping on orders of $49.99 and over.