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Adidas should be a top choice when searching for a trusted, high-quality pair of shoes. At Rogan's Shoes, we curate high-performance, stylish shoes for every person and every occasion, including various Adidas womens shoes. Regarding brands, Adidas is one of the oldest and most globally recognized brands of footwear.

What Makes Adidas a Trusted Brand

Adidas is a German multinational corporation founded in 1924 by Adi Dassler with a headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Now the corporation is one of the largest sportswear manufacturers, producing athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories. Adidas has built its empire with high-performance apparel that offers comfort, function, and style.

Research and Innovation

There is a lot of research behind creating stylish, comfortable, and practical shoes. When it comes to women's sports shoes, Adidas works with athletes to develop footwear that fits the requirements of different games and workout styles. Adidas focuses on innovation and technology to create products that provide superior performance on the field.

Adidas takes the time to focus on innovation, develop new technologies and test them before they hit the public market. For example, Adidas is the brand behind technological advancements like Boost technology, which uses thermoplastic polyurethane material to improve shock absorption and speed. Boost technology helps shoes to bounce back quickly so that runners have a more consistent, high-energy return.

Style and Influence

Style is also a consideration, whether you're looking for a new pair of athletic shoes or Adidas casual shoes. Historically, Adidas has been endorsed by various celebrities. The brand made history in the rap subculture with chic, minimal designs that performers and fans can celebrate.

From Gold medalist sprinter Wilma Rudolph at the 1960 Olympics to 1954 FIFA World Cup champions, Adidas has been spotted on several athletes throughout the years. Today, Adidas has a name for itself as one of the most significant and classic athletic brands.

What Adidas Has To Offer

Adidas has a wide variety of women's shoes, from running and volleyball shoes to casual shoes and sandals. While the company's running shoes are among the most popular because of their comfort and support, a variety of styles can be worn every day.

Lifestyle Sportswear Shoes and Sandals

Womens lifestyle shoes and athletic women's sandals are ideal for women who want to remain on the move in style. Sports sandals and sportswear shoes are versatile and can be worn for hiking, climbing, and walking. Athletic sandals should have contoured footbeds, while lifestyle shoes have well-cushioned footbeds and stylish high-quality uppers.

Slide Sandals

Adidas slides are among their most popular casual shoes. Slides are comfortable summer shoes you can slip on and off at the beach or the pool when needed. They are stylish, airy and versatile. Womens slides are a great choice if you're looking for comfort in your casual attire.

Athletic Shoes

Adidas has a wide variety of women's athletic shoes available. Their athletic shoes can weather heavy play on the court and outdoor wear. For example, women’s trail running and hiking shoes have waterproof engineered uppers and a thick midsole with plush EVA foam for ample support and energy return. Volleyball shoes, on the other hand, have a flexible design with a 360-degree radius outsole.

Find Your New Favorites With Rogan's Shoes

When browsing our selection of Adidas womens shoes, consider personal preferences to find your favorite style. Adidas is an excellent option if you want comfortable and supportive running shoes or casual, fashionable shoes for everyday wear. Find styles for the entire family with our selection of Adidas mens shoes and kids styles. Shop our website to find the right Adidas shoes for your lifestyle!