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Irish Setter Boots

When it comes to work boots, quality matters. No one understands this better than Red Wing, the maker of Irish Setter Boots. Established over 60 years ago to build a better boot, Irish Setter Boots are still setting the standard for superior performance on the job.

It's not just Irish Setter work boots that are in demand. Irish Setter hunting boots and elk tracker boots are also popular. There's a reason why. Red Wing's attention to detail and design sets these boots apart from all the wannabees. Take a look at Rogan's Shoes' selection of Irish Setter men's boots and know that you'll get the best boots at the best prices.

The Features You Need

Work boots and hunting boots need to be safe. You can't be slipping across the shop floor or sliding down a grassy hill. Irish Setter crafts their boots with all the important features,such as:

  • Composite toe and steel toe
  • EH Electrical Hazard rated
  • Waterproof construction
  • Non-metallic and steel shank
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Abrasion-resistant upper

With options that include 6-inch boots, 8-inch boots, winter boots, and work oxfords, Rogan's Shoes has the work boots you need to do your job right.

If you need Red Wing hunting boots, we stock those, too. We also have Irish Setter 4881 Rutmaster boots on the shelves. These waterproof waders have a rugged outsole for any terrain. The Realtree Xtra Green camo pattern all but guarantees the deer won't spot you. Check out the Rutmaster and other elk tracker boots on our website.

The Best Materials

Irish Setter boots are built with the best materials, period. You won't find any scrimping or shortcuts here. The brand knows that people depend upon their footwear to be safe. You'll find boots made of the following:

  • Full-grain waterproof leather
  • Moisture-wicking nylon
  • Waterproof UltraDry textiles
  • Tough yet breathable mesh
  • Extra-gripping rubber
  • Vulcanized rubber

The construction is first-class, too. Irish Setter pays attention to the details to deliver boots of superior quality and durability. If you take care of your boots appropriately, they will be an investment that lasts for years to come.

The Fit You Want

Work and hunting boots need to fit just right. If the toe box is too cramped you won't be able to stay on your feet for very long. If the heel is too big you'll have blisters before you've spotted your first deer. Rogan's Shoes stocks a variety of sizes and fits to accommodate just about every foot.

We carry sizes ranging from seven and a half to 15 in medium and wide widths. In addition, we stock styles that have different fits for different feet. For example, Irish Setter steel toe work shoes have a leaner, slimmer profile and make a great choice for anyone who needs a more slender fit.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Irish Setter Farmington 83860 composite toe work boot. They feature the King Toe toe box that provides extra room. If your foot is wider and spreads a lot during the day, you'll find plenty of space in the Farmington.

The Place To Buy

Make Rogan's Shoes your one-stop shop for Irish Setter boots. With Free shipping on orders of $49.99 and over, you can afford to get more than one pair. Stock up on work and hunting boots today.