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How To Choose Slip Resistant Work Shoes

How to Choose Slip Resistant Work Shoes: Find the Right Pair to Keep You Safe!

Did you know that more than a million workers experience a slip or fall in the U.S. each year, and that about 17,000 of them die due to a slip or fall related accident?  In most cases, this could be due to not wearing the appropriate slip resistant footwear.  Unfortunately, some work environments such as restaurants, hospitals and manufacturing facilities have a variety of slippery surfaces and if you’re not wearing the right type of shoes you could slip and injure yourself.  Slip and fall injuries are serious and can often cause broken bones, head trauma, back injuries, incapacitation and death.  Whether you’re a waiter working part time while in college, an executive chef working at a 5 star restaurant, a medical nurse working in the emergency room, or an employee at a manufacturing facility, you shouldn’t ignore the risks of not wearing slip resistant work shoes.

Slip resistant shoes are not slip proof shoes. Slip resistant shoes decrease the likelihood that the wearer will slip on wet surfaces. In order for a shoe to be considered slip resistant it has to pass certain tests.  At RogansWorkBoots, we offer slip resistant work shoes that have met all the necessary ASTM requirements.  Also, there are a lot of slip resistant shoes that are poorly made.  Just because a shoe is slip resistant doesn’t mean that its durable and made with quality materials.  The last thing you want is for your shoes to fall apart after a wearing them a few times. If your shoes are not well made, they probably will not provide good support or comfort.  This could be very bad for sensitive feet, especially for those who are constantly standing, walking or bending throughout a long work day. Some good quality brands to try are: Timberland Pro, Red Wing, Wolverine, Skechers, Carolina, Keen Ultility, Dr. Martens and Worx by Red Wing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about slip resistant work shoes:

    1. Before shopping for a new pair, do some research to find the right slip resistant shoe for your job.
    2. Make sure the shoe is actually certified as slip resistant – the bottom of the sole will most likely have the words “Slip Resistant” and depending where you purchase your shoes, a responsible merchant will always include that information somewhere on the description.
    3. Look at the outsole tread pattern.  You should see a unique tread design made up of different patterns consisting of circles, triangles or square-like shapes.
    4. Keep an eye on the depth of the tread – in other words, check the tread on your shoes as if you would check the tread on your tires.  They will wear out eventually. The types of surfaces you work on usually determine the lifespan of the outsole. The more aggressive the work conditions the shorter life of the footwear.
    5. Be sure to purchase new slip resistant work shoes when your old shoes wear out.  Even though most slip resistant work shoes are durable, they won’t last forever.

Here are a some pictures of slip resistant soles of work shoes:

Timberland Pro Slip Resistant SoleSkechers Slip Resistant Sole
Puma Slip Resistant SoleTimberland Pro Slip Resistant Sole

Remember, safety doesn’t take a break.  If you’re an employee working in an environment with slippery surfaces, make sure that your safety comes first and do the proper research to find the best pair of slip resistant work shoes that will provide you with proper footing and comfort.  It’s definitely worth your health. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us at the numbers below.
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